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Here Are The 4 Lucid Air Models! This Is What Comes Standard

Lucid Motors has 4 Lucid Air Editions. Here is the details of each Model and the prices they cost. Why $LCID investors should be excited about these models plus future models?


Lucid Motors is no longer taking reservations for the Lucid Air Dream Edition. Multiple indications suggest Lucid has begun production of the Grand Tourings and they could be going out for delivery in the next couple months, which could imply that Lucid is right on schedule and the 2022 guidance for 20,000 vehicles produced will be maintained.

Lucid Air Grand Tourings

The Lucid Air Grand Touring is Lucid’s second most expensive vehicle after the Dream Edition which is sold out. With an EPA range of 516 miles, it is the range anxiety solution. All Grand Touring customers will get Dream Drive Pro, with Adaptive Cruise Control standard as well as have a $7,500 tax incentive to decrease the price of the $139,000 Grand Touring to $131,500. Any customer interested in the Luxurious Lucid Air Grand Touring will have to pay a hefty price, but based on all the customer reviews and award after award, I am sure there will be some demand.

Grand Touring customers get to fully customize their vehicles on the Lucid Motors site, and wheels to colors, customers can choose exactly what they want for no price increase at the moment. If you want zenith red and not Infinite black, then you can choose the option with no extra cost. Customers can customize from the 19” Aero Range to the 21” Aero Blade. You will get the Surreal Sound System standard, plus Electrify America charging for 3 years free. The price might be hefty, but if someone is looking for a high end luxury electric vehicle, Lucid Air Grand Touring, will be high on the list of options.

Lucid Air Touring

Next up is the Lucid Air Touring, which has an EPA range of 416 miles. Unlike the Grand Touring, Lucid Air Touring customers will have to choose between Infinite Black and Stellar White, unless they want to pay $800 for an upgraded color. Lucid Air Touring customers will get to choose from the 19” Aero Range wheels or the 20” Aero Lite wheels that will be available sometime in Quarter 2 2022. Customers can pay $1,500 for the 21” Aero Blade wheels as well.

Dream Drive Pro and the Surreal Surround System are not included in the Lucid Air Touring model. You can pay $9,000 for the Dream Drive Pro features such as Adaptive Cruise Control and some other driver assistant features. Dream Drive Pro will improve over time via Over the Air Updates. You can also add the Surreal Sound System for an extra $2,900 which provides you with a 21 speaker system that Lucid Air was the first vehicle in the world to implement the dolby atmos system.

The price of the Lucid Air Touring is $95,000 with the glass canopy which adds $4,000, so $99,000 for the vehicle. With the electric vehicle tax incentives you can save about $7,500 which lowers the cost to about $91,500.

Lucid Air Pure

The cheapest of the 4 Lucid Air models is anything but cheap. With an EPA range of 406 Miles per charge, this vehicle shows exactly how Lucid Motors can quickly decrease the prices of their vehicles because of their battery technology. The Lucid Air Pure does not have the beautiful glass canopy as the other models, it has a metal roof.

Customers of the Lucid Air Pure, will have to pay extra for the DreamDrive Pro, the Surreal Sound System and the color upgrades. This vehicle is still very well priced at $77,400 and with electric vehicle incentives, you save $7,500 bringing the total down to $69,900. For a Lucid Air, this is a great value.

My Lucid Air Thoughts

I want every model, The Dream Edition and the Grand Touring are such nice luxury vehicles that give the customer a boat load to customize. The other models like the Lucid Air Touring and Pure are so nice because you get that Lucid feel without having to pay such a hefty price. I am going to wait until I hear more about Project Gravity. The Gravitys specs will be off the chart and the interior will be a masterpiece. Right now I own a Tesla Model 3 and I absolutely love the cool feel that Elon Musk created with the Tesla and the brand that he built. I see similar things to Lucid and can not wait to see the mass adoption of electric vehicles with Lucid Motors right in the thick of the race. Lucid Motors did a fantastic job with these vehicles and I can not wait for the future models.

Anthony Donati focuses on electric vehicles and renewable energy companies. He covers Lucid Motors news at Torque News. Please follow him on Twitter at @TheLucidVerse for daily Lucid Motors news. He has a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. DISCLAIMER: Anthony is a Lucid Motors (LCID) stock holder.

Images Courtesy of Lucid Motors Gallery