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Lucid Motors DreamDrive Pro Features List

Lucid Motors sent out some major software updates! Here is a list of the features and what was released. Plus what $LCID investors need to know

Lucid Motors recently sent out three new software updates in the past week. I will go into detail of all three of these updates, the features implemented into them and what this means for investors of $LCID.

Lucid Motors Is Pushing Out Over The Air Updates

Lucid Motors was focusing solely on production and delivery of the Lucid Air Dream Editions to their customers in 2021. Now that they have started mass production and deliveries, the next plan was to focus on software updates and a global expansion.

Hats off to Elon Musk for the concept of free over the air updates which is now industry standard. Nobody would be buying EVs if it weren't for the over air updates ensuring that the technology is not immediately out of date.

Many auto enthusiasts did not like that Lucid Motors delivered the $169,000 Lucid Airs without simple Adaptive Cruise Control or missing features. Elon Musk even tweeted about this a couple days ago. I wrote an in-depth article about that. Peter Rawlinson must have been using the 21 speaker Surround Sound Dolby Atmos feature in the Lucid Airs to tune out both Elon Musk and the Lucid haters.

Lucid Motors got those updates out and there are some exciting features I want to share with you. Let's take a look at each of the three updates:

Lucid Motors Update 1.1.4

In the first update, Lucid Air customers received DreamDrive Pro part 1. Navigation features and some user customization was in part 1 of the 1.1.4 update. Adaptive Cruise Control was not in this update. It was stated to be included in DreamDrive Part 2.

Lucid Motors Update 1.1.5

The second update, DreamDrive Part 2 allows Lucid Air customers Adaptive Cruise Control. It was a huge milestone for Lucid Motors that seemingly went under the radar. Many people will say that Lucid Motors should have already implemented basic cruise control, many automobiles have this feature. However, it is important to think about how Lucid Motors vehicles will continuously get better with each and every update. Lucid Airs now have an array of 32 different sensors in the system, which include ultrasonic sensors, cameras, LiDAR technology and radar. That is a whole lot of safety.

Other Minor Updates in 1.1.5 Included

Vehicle camera improvements
LiDAR improvements
Charging in extremely cold weather and some other charging updates
Mobile key functionality
Other minor updates for functionality and user experience

Lucid Motors Update 1.1.7

I do not know what happened to 1.1.6 but Lucid Motors must have skipped right past that one. 1.1.7 gave Lucid Air owners some fantastic features as well.

Here is a list of features:

Drowsy Driver Alert
Door Handle Operations Especially in Cold Weather
Advanced Driver Assistance System Notifications
Massaging Seat Update
Distracted Driver Alert

What DreamDrive Pro Offers For Lucid Air Customers

DreamDrive Pro Pricing

DreamDrive Pro pricing is pretty standard for Semi-Autonomous features, pricing in at $9,000 in the United States and $12,000 in Canada. Since the Lucid Airs that are being delivered today cost around $169,000 and $139,000, the DreamDrive Pro comes standard in these models.

My Thoughts On Lucid Motors Implementing These Software Features

As a Lucid Motors Enthusiast and Shareholder, these Over The Air Updates are phenomenal for Lucid’s Growth. They heard all of the haters and customer complaints and delivered on their promise. Lucid will only get more technologically strong with each and every update, and this makes Lucid one step closer to one day achieving autonomous driving which we could see within the decade. For the near term for $LCID stock, we may not see a huge move. However, this certainly will excite many of the shareholders and Lucid Air Dream Edition and Grand Touring customers, as the DreamDrive Pro system comes standard with a purchase of either of the two vehicles.

Anthony Donati focuses on electric vehicles and renewable energy companies. He covers Lucid Motors news at Torque News. Please follow him on Twitter at @TheLucidVerse for daily Lucid Motors news. He has a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. DISCLAIMER: Anthony is a Lucid Motors (LCID) stock holder.

Images from Lucid Gallery