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New Lucid OTA Update Brings Some Of DreamDrive's ADAS Functions Online

Lucid has released OTA update 1.1.4 which brings some, but not all, of the Air's DreamDrive capabilities online. Until now Lucid's ADAS functions had not been available to the first owners of the Dream Edition.

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Lucid has released the first of two over-the-air updates which will activate its suite of advanced driver assistance software, known as DreamDrive. The update comes a few days behind schedule, having originally been slated for release at some point in January. The 1.1.4 update activates many of the DreamDrive system's functions, though drivers will have to wait until the 1.1.5 update for adaptive cruise control.

As well as adding DreamDrive functionality the newly-released update improves the Air's navigation system to make it easier to add stops along the way to an existing route. Additionally, the update unlocks the ability to download maps specific to state, province, or territory so the vehicle can still navigate in areas with poor or no internet coverage. Finally it makes it easier to delete saved maps once they're not longer needed.

Image showing the fields of vision for the Lucid Air's various sensors.DreamDrive Functionality
The first function activated by the update is Automatic Emergency Braking, which detects vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians, though Lucid is careful to mention that the Air may not detect stationary objects in time to avoid a collision "at certain speeds."

Next up is Cross Traffic Protection, which watches for vehicles approaching from either side, front and back, and can deploy automatic braking as needed. Traffic Drive Off Alert is also added, which provides a gentle reminder to start driving if the Air is stationary at a red light and traffic starts moving again. Finally, the update activates Traffic Sign Recognition, which deals with things like changing speed limits and driving on the wrong side of the road. Humans really shouldn't need the last two, but they're essential if the Air is to achieve full autonomy in the future.

Other Updates
Lucid took the opportunity to improve the functionality of other areas of the Air with update 1.1.4, starting with the information each owner receives about the updates themselves, which will now be described in plainer terms. Driver Access and Profiles also receive improvements, with minor enhancements brought to facial recognition and driver PINs. The Air's radio and Alexa functions have been enhanced, and a bug that caused the vehicle's Glass Cockpit and Pilot Panel to reboot under certain circumstances has been remedied.

More to follow on Lucid OTA update 1.1.5.

Images by Lucid Motors licensed by CC BY 2.0.

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