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Some 2016 Honda Civic owners report a quality glitch or two

As with all first production runs, some buyers will report a quality glitch or two. How’s your 2016 Civic production quality?

Granted, as new car owner, engineers can often be the most critical. There job title and related project load comes with a required, often analytical eye for detail and subsequent quality. Car manufacturing is generally a balance of both, Honda does quality assurance better than most.

Such is the case this week as I read through our Monday morning e-mails. Looking to Torque News friends CivicX.com, we discovered a CET (certified Engineer Technology) from Toronto, Ontario, Canada that is less than smitten with his or hers( they're not specific) 2016 Honda Civic Touring. In fact, this contributor refers to their specific Civic as a “lemon.”

Here’s what “mycivicisalemon” tells us

“Is anyone else experiencing 18 deficiencies with there car?” Talk about buyer’s remorse, this guy’s not a happy camper. Here’s the short list:

‘ mycivicisalemon asks? Has anyone experienced this much bad luck with their purchase?
1.) Left headlight leaks (moisture build up)

2.) Right headlight leaks

3.) HVAC makes a whistling noise in the "Feet Mode"

4.) Left center vent (up/down motion) won't stay down when it heats up (I know it defies gravity but somehow Honda managed to do it)

5.) Windshield and/or wipers leave streaks all over the glass. I have to put "Rain Away" just to see safely every 2 weeks or else in stock mode it is a safety issue.

6.) Rain sensing wipers go ape-shit when activated. Have to use standard "on" just to see properly out of my defective windshield.

7.) Wireless charger works when it feels like it which is almost never. Had it replaced with a new one and guess what? Yep...Honda gave me another clone of the one that was replaced. Honda won't admit that there could be a bad batch that slipped through QC's fingers.

8.) Rear leather seating looks way too loose (some bubbles in some seams) Compared mine with other cars and the other cars looks fine. Bad luck I guess but I am not finished with my luck yet.

9.) Rear camera resolution is of B&W quality....around 280p. It is so useless that I went back to using my mirrors. I traded in a '15 Civic EX and the rear camera was WAY BETTER than this POS camera that Honda saved $5 downgrading. You (new owners) have no idea what a POS camera you have if you step in last years model. Shame on you Tight Ass Honda for saving $5 at your reputations cost.

10.) Rear plastic trunk trim (one that houses the license plate LED) doesn't line up rear panels. Actually most doors don't line up and/or has inconsistent gaps that range from 2mm to almost 8mm!

11.) Driver front (window) door rattles when closing. Honda Service replaced the window track and now the window rattles when closing AND now it stutters when the window goes up. Thanks Honda for making my day a brighter one (more leverage in court)
12.) Driver rear door window rattles when closing. Honda service replaced the outside glass trim to no success. Still there for me to show the judge if he want to hear it for himself.

13.) Passenger front door window rattles when closing. Honda couldn't even fix the driver side doors so they didn't even bother even trying with and other doors.

14. Passenger rear door window rattles when closing. No comment (or see #13 above).

15.) Passenger side door rubber molding deformed. It's still 2 months on back order. I guess they need all the rubber moldings that they can get so they can put it in their new cars on the assembly line. Come on Honda...you can't even spare not even 1 for someone who bought one of your lemons?

16.) Rear woofer and/or panel "farts" half volume. Honda blames my music for having too much rhythm (bass). Well excuuuuuuse me!

17.) Infotainment system sometime flashes on and off. Had a software update done on it and fixed the flashing issue. Of course when they fix one thing they create another (collateral damage). Now my Bluetooth doesn't connect all the time (popular deficiency).

18.) The transmission (this one is my favorite) jerks back and forth on the highway rocking me to sleep. Thank God the sudden deceleration from the Collision Mitigation System wakes me up.

“Mycivicisalemon" asks: Now is this bad luck or is this a lemon?

Here’s my response: Although I don’t own one, I’ve spent several hours in the seat behind the wheel of the 2016 Honda Civic Sedan and Coupe in all trim levels, and driving conditions -- so far, so good! You may read my latest drive review here. With that said, most owners reporting back to the forum have no to very few complaints, deficiencies, regrets, or buyer’s remorse when it comes to Honda’s best selling Civic in decades.

I will hand this guy or gal some credit fro bringing up a viable complaint or two. 2016 Honda Civic Sedan should be as presented by the manufacture, " the best sedan offering in the sub-premium compact sedan segment."

Sales are so good for Civic that Honda will record yet another sales record year for 2016 in North America.

While the build quality is visually much better than average, Torque News doesn’t own a 2016 Honda Civic, and look to you, our readers, for a bit of feedback here. What we do know based on several decades of car purchasing and sales experience, it generally takes a few months for a manufacturer to perfect a new generation offering. Honda, while better than most, is not an exception. In other words, ‘when they build the perfect car…”

How’s your 10th generation 2016 Honda Civic Sedan or Coupe? We want to know and welcome your (civil) thought provoking comment here.

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I was a big Nissan Guy. after looking at 16 CIVIC fall in love with it and bought a Touring in Dec'15. I put 10,000 miles on it. The first issue started with the Audio amplifier, When Honda put on update, its fixed now. Of late I started to observe rattling sound in the Dash (near the front speaker), its very annoying. Does any other civic folks had the same issue. Planning to book an appointment with Service. Couple of Questions, Is this a issue across the Board that Honda will fix it for all? Does Honda cover this under his warranty or do I have to pay for this kind of issues.
sorry to hear that. I COMPLETELY agree with you and understand how you feel. This new model civic is riddled with problems but (some) people just don't even notice or realize that they too have these issues.
Welcome Brian. Tel us about your SPECIFIC 2016 Civic quality issues. What model do you own, what's your experience with recall, repair , etc. Thank you.
I feel your pain Tayfun as a dissatisfied car owner. Decades ago, I bought 3 Chevrolets in a row....each with its own specific transmission problems.....automatic and manual shifts. Good luck on your future car purchases!
I own a 2016 Civic Ex-t, and have had it for two weeks now, after my 2014 Civic Ex was flooded bc of Texas weather four weeks ago. This is far different from any other Civic I've ever been in (and in a good way). First off, the quality issues mentioned above; I've not noticed any of those, and I'm an engineer, myself!! I'm even more of a car freak than an engineer, and I'm still geeking out about how awesome and different this generation is, compared to all of its predecessors. No one has said a bad thing yet about my car. This is my third Honda I've personally owned. After Insurance paid me enough money to swallow the deductible, and still had $800 left over, for my '14 Civic... I needed another!!! My first car ever was an '02 Honda Accord, and it was solidly built. At work, everyone enjoyed riding with me to lunch. After a wreck (I was rear ended), 150k miles, I got a whopping $10k for it!!! that helped me get my last Civic. These cars are so amazing when it comes to quality, that I think the person that wrote the "issues" above, might be a car abuser. TBH, I could actually still be driving my first car to this day.
Thanks for sharing your positive experience with us Justin. like you, the vast majority of 10th generation Civic owners are ecstatic! Keep us posted, take care.
no the vast majority of people just won't say crap if there mouth was FULL of it !! Just another dose of rose colored glasses and delusion. Truth is.....the 16 civic is BELOW average quality. Even for a cheap car.
no you're wrong. I've had the same exact rattles and worse in my 16 civic. gonna sell this lemon and go with a lexus, or bmw. honda lost all quality and care for the product and customer base.
Lmao I'm wrong??? I mean, I only use the hell out of my speakers, and have never heard any rattling so far, but wtf do I know?? XD if that's really an issue for you, just get a sound damper kit at Best Buy for like $30 dude. You don't have to be an ass and straight up say "you're wrong..." I mean hell, you could just have a nut/bolt loose on the decklid (Honda will fix that for free). That happened with my last Civic.
no, you're just wrong plain and simple. The end. Period.
Welcome Justin, our friend Brian is sitting on the edge of being ejected from the thread. His experience is far from universal.
I've had MANY issues with my 2016 piece of touring. Windows went down and wouldn't roll up. Subwoofer is poorly installed and rattles even with no music. And last night. The best part. My touch screen failed and is now unusable. My dealer is going to have his hands full.
I bought a Burgundy Night Pearl EX a few weeks ago, and I love the car. I traded in my 2013 LX so all of the features have taken me a bit to get used to. Everything seems to be great so far, aside from the infotainment system. Occasionally it has a hard time switching to apple carplay from either bluetooth or the radio. I spoke with a friend of mine who works for honda and he said a lot of compatibility issues with the infotainment system is due to the software they use, which is a customized version of android. To me, it's a small issue, but once it starts playing it never cuts off in the middle of a drive.
Welcome Larry. Congratulations on your purchase. Love the color! Please keep in touch as to a possible near-future software upgrade for the infotainment system. Take car
My 2016 Civic EXL Sedan CVT is extremely wobbly and bouncy. It feels like someone kicking the back of the seat combined with an intermittent tire balance. The problem fades away when putting the transmission in neutral and turning off the engine at cruise, so it isn't suspension or tires.
Welcome Jay. Please expand on "wobbly and bouncy. This reads like a tire suspension problem, but then you write that the problem dissipates with the car running in neutral, and engine off..What does the dealership service department say about this, where are you located, what is the road and weather condition, how many miles have you driven your Civic, do you find any side wall tire blemish of rim damage? Thank you.
I got my Honda on friday and drove it home from toronto because I had gotten a better deal in toronto and my house is 300km away I got home the next morning I woke up there was oil all over my driveway the entire oil reservoir drained out of the thing I looked under and pressed on the plastics where the pan is and oil starting squirting out like a cows tit being tugged. (Honda Civic EXT 2016) brand new
Welcome Myhondaisapos. That sucks! Please keep us posted as to what was the cause of the oil draining. I'm suspecting a malfunctioning spin on oil filter seal. Best of luck to you.
Got a 2016 Honda coupe LX-P Basic trim with sunroof, 1600 miles after I have Buyers remorse. 1) The Performance of the Car is very poor no torque I have problems switching lanes bcause the pick up is so slow.2)very low mileage try 24-25 street and highway.3)Hard time adjusting the driver chair because of the style of it. Im always to close to the steering wheel or to far. Im 5' 6''. Same with side Mirrors.4)Ac takes about 10 Minutes to cool down the car it feels warm, had it checked out at the dealer and they said it's due to 2016 laws that require a lower compressor for the AC because of the Ozone Layer.. whateeever Dude!!. 5)Rear view Camera is too small I knew this when buying the car but didn't really think it would effect me, but it does bcause of the way the back of the car has an angle or slant it's hard too see behind you so I rely heavily on the rearview camera.Noticed at night it's somewhat blurry under bad lighting.6)The mid vent for Ac always pointing upwards unless you have AC blasting untill it catches a good balance.7)The 3rd brake Marker from the back fell off one month after purchase. Tookit to the dealer and they were on back order for three weeks, finally got it fixed and it still looks flimsy..8)Don't buy this car looks cool but I regret it. for your money you can get an Altima or something better.
Welcome Jade. Congratulations, you're the first of our 200,000 + Honda specific readers that is totally unsatisfied with the 10th generation Civic Coupe. I'd take it back! Cheers.
I have had nothing but problems with my 2016 Honda Civic EX. Back seat had a tear in it that had to be replaced. The radio screen has been replaced twice because there is this ridiculous beeping that keeps happening and now the beeping has started again and they could not tell me what the issue was or how it was going to be fixed (and my most recent screen still has the plastic on it). I took it in for the recall check of the pin and had to sit there for almost six hours and wait for it to be done. Someone backed into me one day and took it to be fixed, when they called me to say it was done and I looked at the bumper it still had a big dent in it. So I had to leave it there for them to fix again. Now that the dealership has told me that two other 2016 civics have been sitting there for 2 weeks I am thinking about just going in and giving them back this car and getting something else.
Kayla, I have been buying mostly new cars from the '70's to '09, both foreign and domestic nameplates. The ONLY car that was truly trouble-free was my '83 Toyota Corolla.....never a problem. When we read articles about Honda products from writers that salivate like a rabid dog over a newly redesigned model, we tend to drink the Kool-aid. Here is what doesn't exist: 1) The perfect car, 2) The perfect dealer, 3) The perfect car company, 4) The perfect part suppliers. Any one of these that does not live up to expectations poison the buying experience. I would encourage you to research "Lemon Laws" in your state and see if they are applicable to your situation. I can empathize with you. My experience with dealers have been both positive and negative....with the negatives being most memorable!
True enough Jesse, the perfect car has yet to be built, and most dealership experience is directly related to the verbal exchange between the car owner and the service writer. To date I've personally driven no fewer than 6,000 miles in several pre and post production 10th generation Civic sedans and coupes. While Civic is arguably not the perfect car for you, well over 30,000 buyers per month in North America purchase or lease a 2016 Honda Civic -- the 2016 Car of the Year, and, the highest rated safety and consumer satisfaction index compact car in North America. As I wipe the drool off of my chin, I fire just a bit of a warning shoot across your virtual bow. Back the commentary down a notch my new friend. I strive to write an accurate, research driven car review. Take it or leave it, it's my honest, personal assessment, based on several decades of driving and vehicle ownership. Cheers!
I have owned a Civic EX-T Coupe for about a month now... I am very pleased with the overall build quality of the vehicle, and have noticed just a few minor issues with my new Civic... 1. I agree, the 10 speaker (Premium) sound system leaves much to be desired... The "too much rhythm" line from Honda is complete crap.. That would basically include every song of any genre made in the past 15 years. If the volume control goes from 0-40, I should be able to listen to any type of music at volume level 20 with my bass and subwoofer setting at halfway without it sounding like the speakers are going to blow up.. The distortion/rattle issue isn't the speakers causing the car itself to rattle, its just poor quality speakers. Yes, if you want to play your music loud enough that the whole intersection you are stopped at can hear your musical taste than you are in need of an aftermarket upgrade. When the speakers can't handle any of today's popular music at a reasonable volume level without having the bass and subwoofer levels turned down to almost zero, that's just cheap crap that you wouldn't expect from Honda. What makes it worse is to access the bass/treble /subwoofer controls is a real pain in the neck. If I'm listening to music through an Android Auto app, I have to switch the source over to regular or satellite radio, then access the sound menu, adjust the levels, exit that source and go back into Android Auto hoping I set the levels right if not, go through the process again. 2. The infotainment system itself has from time to time been glitchy... Not to the point of ruining the experience however. Just how electronics are these days, I'm sure a future firmware update will improve these issues. The plastic break light housing cover that attaches to the top of the rear window has continually come loose, drooping from the window. Held in place by two plastic pets into the roof of the car on one end and two Velcro strips that attach the other end to the window. Problem was the double sided sticky tape that held the Velcro to the window had lost its adheisian (is that a word? Lol) . Went a bought a role of 3M automotive tape at Autozone for 5 bucks and fixed the problem myself .
Welcome Sark. Well there you go! Thanks for the detailed, thought provoking comment. I have a Civic Coupe Touring parked in the driveway, and will spend some time tweaking the sound system. Take care.
I too traded in a 2015 Civic EX sedan for a 2016 Civic EX-T and the first thing I noticed on the ride home was how inferior the back-up camera and the lane watch camera were compared to the previous model. Also, the audio system (I listen to FM radio mostly) sounds weak and tinny compared to the 2015. And the brakes seem to need a little extra pedal pressure to stop the car most of the time. Just a couple of observations.
I purchased my 2016 Civic EXL September 7th...had the car two weeks I noticed the back seat center headrest leather was not smooth...the leather is very loose. Took the car back to dealership which they had for 5 days telling me they replaced the leather...headrest doesn't look any different when I got the car back. I was told the leather needs to settle. Upon further inspection of my back seat I noticed the seating also has loose leather. I'm waiting for a Honda representative to visit the dealership...I was told when the representative arrives the service center will contact me. IMO Honda needs to replace the entire back seat.
I mostly love my 2016 EX-T, but Display Audio frankly sucks: -Walk-away Autolock randomly fails to lock (excited beeping). -Bluetooth connection flapping/noisy. -Phone doesn't use automatically use HFL as audio source on incoming calls, but does on outgoing calls. -Hondalink doesn't see phone on Bluetooth, only on Wifi/tethering, and doesn't seem to actually do anything. -Front USB port doesn't see phone or thumb drive (but it does charge the phone - data connection issue). -USB thumb drive management: no pause, randomly turns off Random All Tracks. -Spurious alarms (TPMS, stability, ABS, voltage). Documented issue that Honda has already issued an update for but doesn't entirely resolve. The actual CAR bits of the car are stellar, and frankly no car maker has an advanced tech system that works worth a crap.
My rear cabin, I think my speakers, make a rattling noise (even when no stereo/audio on). Think I may just need new rear speakers. Anyone else experiencing this? 2016 civic lx
I recently leased a 2016 Honda Civic LX sedan, and I read at least a couple of reviews of it on MotorTrend, Car and Driver, etc., and these automotive magazines describe it has having a "sporty" steering feel. Unfortunately, that has not at all been my experience with this car. Right from the get-go, the steering felt extremely loose, vague, numb, etc. Especially when I drive on the highway, it is very difficult to keep it going straight, as if I hold the steering wheel in the center, the car will slowly drift leftward, and I keep on having to correct it toward the right to keep it going straight. In other words, there is absolutely no on-center feel, so the car essentially drives like an old, beat up clunker. There is also a loud knocking noise coming from the front right wheel whenever I hit a bigger bump, and no dealership seems to be able to figure out which component is responsible for the noise. What could the problem be?