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Innovative 2015 Honda Fit top contender for car of the year

While there may be stiff competition in the compact car segment, NACSY moves Fit to the short list for car of the year consideration. We’re not surprised.

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On the unveiling of 2015 Honda Fit at the New York International Auto Show, Torque News announced that Honda Fit was being positioned to replace the up-sized and more expensive Honda Civic. September witnessed an increase of 60% in 2015 Honda Fit sales volume, with a corresponding decrease in Honda Civic sales volume.

Torque News- Honda prediction

The handwriting's on the wall: Fit will catch and surpass North American Honda Civic sales sometime in Q3 2016. The reasons for this points to a fundamental economic and demographic, lifestyle market shift.. While Civic provides a solid transportation investment found in a standard feature packed 2 and 4 door economy coupe or sedan, Fit offers greater utility, comparable or superior fuel economy with mini-van hatchbacks transformability, at a lower beginning MSRP.

Plus, it’s a great little vehicle for camping, furniture hauling, game day, groceries, transporting kids, friends, pets and a stuffed moose head from uncle Jed’s attic.(now that I have you attention…)

2015 Honda Fit LX with class leading standard features,”EarthDreams” 1.5 liter 1-VTEC, direct injected 4 cylinder, with close ratio 6 speed manual carries a MSRP of $15,525. With a best in class fuel EPA fuel rating of 33/City 41/Hwy and seating for 5, Fit offers the highest volume passenger and cargo volume in its segment.

For those wishing to take it up a notch, Fit is available in four variants with the top of the line EX-L with navigation priced at $20,800.

Torque News has reported on the built in Mexico Fit on several occasions with our latest drive experience in Los Angeles, California. We discovered that Fit with full tech was a surprisingly responsive freeway commuter with much larger car handling characteristics and interior comfort. It’s that Honda spatial size-relation continuum; true engineering magic.

Paddle shifters that work

Once again Honda engineering has created a multi purpose, surprisingly fun to drive dynamo with usable mid-range torque. Finding ourselves running late for a departure at L.A.X., we put the 130 horsepower 128 lb-ft torque Fit with CVT and wheel mounted paddle shifters to the task.

What we discovered was a high revving Honda 4 cylinder gasoline engine mini with Si power and handling characteristics. The brakes are superior as is a suspension that keeps FIT on a skid-free flat stable trajectory; well worth a test drive.

You may read about Honda’s high tech passive and active safety features as well as the best grade interior in the segment. here.

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Raymond Max (not verified)    October 12, 2014 - 12:17AM

A fantastic performer for the money. Honda has done one heck of a job building an affordable hatch with great fun to drive utility and handling.

misFit (not verified)    October 14, 2014 - 10:32AM

2nd week of driving my 2015 Honda Fit EX-L and so far so good. Handles well, comfortable and great gas mileage. Love the lane assist feature and the smart seats.