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Honda targets ‘Gen-Y’ to drive 2015 Fit sales to top of class

Honda is targeting resourceful Gen-Y customers with a fun multi-media campaign capitalizing on the flexibility and utility of the all new 2015 Fit. Torque News takes a closer look.

The Gen-Y young adults that we know are still sitting on their parent’s couch, playing video games, looking for meaningful employment or opting for an ever elusive Masters Degree in “ what ever man.” Many have graduated from college this week and may wish to take a collective breather.

None- the less, Honda knows that Generation-Y will inevitably rule the world some day and Honda looks to them to drive the # 1 brand in North America to new heights.

For those resourceful and ever- moving North Americans looking for a flex-mobile of high quality and tech-rich accoutrements, Honda presents the all new 2015 Fit. Torque News recently had the pleasure of test driving the first Honda Fit delivered to the Pacific Northwest. Manufactured with world-parts in Ciella Mexico, the all new Fit proves to be a blast to drive, handles well while looking good and is relatively affordable.

Honda has taken a good car and made it a great car by increasing interior volume, leg and hip room, while adding a “magic” split rear bench. Looking to the performance and handling of the Fit, we discover an entry level hatchback sporting the handling characteristics of a mild sports sedan, the utility of a minivan and the refinement of the #1 selling sedan in North America.

We like the Fit so will you.

Looking to Honda’s latest Youtube clip, we find yet another stellar example of social media driven advertising. Torque News has featured several Honda video clips in the past. The Fit campaign takes a fun look at the Gen-Y lifestyle while capitalizing on the flexibility and tech-rich attributes of the newest member of Honda’s ever-changing line.

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I have owned a 2013 Honda Fit for almost 18 months now. This is my third Honda ('89 AWD tiny wagon which may have been the forerunner to the FIT and '92 Civic). I was so very pleased with my previous Honda vehicles that I eagerly looked forward to finally having my 'dream' car, the Fit! Alas, it has proven to be a disappointment, falling far short of expectations. I bought the Fit for its versatile interior configuration thinking that it was safe to take everything else for granted. BIG MISTAKE! I live in Texas and the Fit AC simply cannot handle the Texas heat. On a trip of more than 30 minutes, just when you need it the most, the AC cycles off! I am older. (Where a young person would stow a bicycle, I stow my walker.) I need that AC for health reasons! I had a perfectly good 2008 Nissan Versa that needed AC repair and made the decision to purchase a new Fit instead. BIG MISTAKE! My grandson bought the Versa from me. He fixed the AC himself and now has a cool ride with much better gas mileage than my new Honda! The Versa is a much more comfortable ride too and has ample legroom for rear passengers. I never thought it possible, but I am now saying that I truly REGRET BUYING the HONDA FIT!