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Honda will expand Civic Natural Gas availability for 2014

Torque News explored the viability of the Civic Natural Gas and many of our readers responded as to the positive aspects of a natural gas fueled Honda. The manufacturer listened and as of February, 15 is expanding availability of the Civic NG to 37 states.

Previously available in but a handful of states, Honda announced Tuesday, 04, the (almost) Nationwide expansion of ‘Civic Natural Gas’ model sales.

While many of our readers have pondered Honda’s evident hesitancy to promote stand alone E Vs; as suspected by Honda- Torque News; the manufacturer has placed a high priority on the advancement of alternative fueled and affordable entry level automotive Hybrids.

The good news for the U.S., is that the number one light car manufacturer in North America has committed to the utilization of this continent's most abundant fuel source.

The Civic Natural Gas will not be the most fuel efficient fossil fueled vehicle in Honda’s lineup. But it is the cleanest burning of Honda’s non-Hybrid models.

The 2014 model’s base specifications remain unchanged with a msrp of $ 26,640, 27/city and 38 mpg highway for a combined average fuel efficiency rating of 31 mpg.

The 2014 Civic Natural Gas shares virtually all standard features with the gasoline fueled model including the much touted 7” touch screen, Bluetooth compatible personal electronic interface.

However, the CVT transmission as listed in the new and improved 2014 Civic Hybrid is not available. And, for those looking to the Civic Natural Gas for sports car- like performance, you won’t find it here.

The 4 cylinder 1798 cc 16- valve SOHC engine is rated at a mere 110 hp @ 6500 rpm.. More importantly, usable torque stated at 106 ft-lb, kicks in at a very reasonable 4300 rpm..

Transferred to the differential via a close ratio automatic 5 speed transmission, most drivers will find the car's power and torque-band to be more than adequate.

It’s unclear as to rather or not Honda will extend the current $3,000 fuel card incentive attached to the 2013 model. Check with your dealer for purchase incentive details. What you will receive in 2014 is a complete exterior re-design as featured here.

As covered last week by Torque News, petroleum distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada are adding CNG fueling stations to existing fuel facilities. As mentioned by fellow columnist John Goreham, Honda offers a home based natural gas compressor for those that wish to compress at home. While regional fuel costs will vary, according to this distributor, Pacific Northwest CNG averages $1.00 less at the pump than regular unleaded gasoline.

As Honda anticipates consumer demand for CNG fueled cars and trucks, we anticipate the not too future integration of CNG fueled motors throughout the balance of the American Honda Motors line-up.


jesse diaz (not verified)    May 16, 2015 - 12:54PM

I love my 2001 civic GX and my daughter likes my car more than her cavalier bi fuel. My best friend even bought a civic gx. However my both my daughters would not like to deal with the range anxiety that would come with my car. I have had close calls with running out of cng. The worst was my trip from L.A. to San Francisco all along the pch. Lately I do wish I had a luxury or sporty car. The civic concept would be phenomenal even better a dual fuel. My other favorites would be the Chevy Volt or the Cadillac ELR although it is way out of my price. I am considering a used cts coupe. Looks are important and lately I feel that economy should not sacrifice style. There is no reason my car shouldn't try heads. That is something I miss from my muscle car days which only ended 3 years ago. The fuel cost was killing me financially.