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Honda Civic owner says no to automated driving technology

While Honda and Google experiment with not too future automated driving technology, fiercely independent Honda Civic drivers remain determined to stay off of the electronic leash.

As reported by ABC News Tuesday, Honda demonstrated at the 2014 ITS World Congress a “self driving” 2015 Acura RLX, by driving hands free on an 8 mile loop around the city of Detroit, Michigan. According to Honda R&D chief engineer Hironobu Kiru, Honda has been working on this prototype in Japan for about a year.

The (V2V)virtual tow and automated driving technology system utilizes sensors, radar and GPS positioning to achieve ingress and egress as well as lane positioning while maintaining the legal speed limit, pretty cool stuff.

But some driver’s aren't convinced of the system’s benefits

Her disdain for new automated driving, and accident avoidance technology is not “paranoia driven,” says registered nurse Karen South of Eugene, Or. Kay is a bold in your face motorcycle and club car enthusiast. At 60 something she’s been around for a while. Her daily driver, when she’s not riding a Triumph Tiger motorcycle is a 2009 Honda Civic. “ Not much technical about it,” says Kay, she likes it that way.

Honda Civic driver is not alone

In a world of government conducted electronic eavesdropping, we’ve interviewed more than one Honda owner that remain leery of new automated driving technologies. Today Honda R&D demonstrated a pilotless car on the Freeways of Detroit. According to Honda News, the development of driverless automated driving technology is conducted in the quest of a “world without accidents.” Sweet idea.You may read about Honda’s program here.

However, as with all new technology it takes the better half of a decade for the public to accept such changes as evolution for the betterment of mankind. Such is the case with the (V2V) virtual tow technology. Honda looks for this technology to go mainstream within the next 10 years, we know it’s already here.

The bottom line is, most independent thinking and capable drivers will most likely opt out of participating in distant controlled automated personal transportation. It's a bit to “Bladerunner” for the masses. We like this technology for interstate truck transport. How ya’ all going to break out of the right lane now Cowboy?

Torque news recently drove the most technically advanced Honda on the road today. Actually it wore the Acura label, but you get it, it was co-developed by Honda R&D. What we discovered was a twin screened Bluetooth personal connectivity wonder that intuitively adjusted itself to your driving style and habit variations. For us the Acura TLX is the first step toward remotely controlled cooperative freeway traffic control. And yes, it will take the wheel out of your hands when necessary.

V2V virtual tow capabilities already exists

Tomorrow's automated driving technology is just the next step in Honda’s advanced electronic( camera and radar) accident avoidance technology. We’ve experience various levels of the technology in the 2015 Honda Fit’s lane drift and approaching vehicle lane change warning. We also taste- tested the maintained distance car following characteristics of the Acura TLX and RLX.

Here’s how it works

This is where V2V virtual tow technology is being utilized today. In the 2015 RLX one can chose the lead car following distance when setting the cruise control in traffic. Instead of the constant setting and coasting of conventional C.C. systems, Honda utilizes front bumper sensors to measure and maintain a safe following distance from the rear of the lead car. In the case of a pending frontal crash, Acura TLX and RLX will self apply the brakes while letting off on the throttle and in some circumstances, take the wheel and self steer to the right of way.

So there you go folks, we’re already back to the future. We predict that within this decade(some) toll expressways will be dedicated to automated driving technologies. look for this to happen first in Los Angeles and Orange County, Ca. New York, Boston and San Francisco will follow.

In the mean time drivers like our friend Kay will opt to drive older iron and look up from time to time. Yes Kay, big brother is watching, but not from Honda Corporation.


Gary Troupe (not verified)    September 10, 2014 - 11:48PM

I completely agree that their is already too much tech in current cars.I'm 62 I want to drive the car not have it drive me!