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Honda Accord OEM adds $9.7 Billion to Ohio economy

North America is a mainstay market for Honda Motors. With Accord,Civic and Odyssey taking top position in the domestic market, Honda looks to expand exports in 2014. Torque News looks at the numbers and why Honda is as American as mom and apple pie.

Manufacturing in Canada and the U.S. for 35 years, American Honda Motors has spent $300 billion on domestic manufactured parts. North America was Honda’s # 1 market for 2013.

Honda spent $25.5 billion on domestic manufactured parts in 2013. That’s what it took to build 1.7 million Honda cars and light truck. Looking to expand domestic exports in 2014, 14 North American based manufacturing plants with the help of 650 OEM suppliers will kick that number north of 2 million.

Good news for OEM suppliers, as Honda puts the “Made In America and Canada” stamp on the majority of its line up.

Although Honda’s supply line is quite diversified, Ohio, the home to 158 OEM suppliers, came out the winner in 2013 with $9.7 billion in accumulative sales.

Honda’s Marysville Ohio plant is currently home to the Accord and Acura TLX and has been online since 1982. Honda Accord is currently the best selling midsize sedan in North America, with the Hybrid variant holding the current record for fuel economy in a mid size premium sedan.

We expect the trend to continue with the expansion of the hybrid lineup and exceptional promotion of the Acura division. With the 2015 Fit and HR-V coming on line in Celaya, Mexico, OEM suppliers will witness an unprecedented increase in orders volume.

Last week Honda recognized 65 top OEM suppliers at its 30th Supplier’s conference. Delivery, quality and value was the measure. Torque News-Honda congratulates American Leakless Company LLC, of Athens Alabama for being at the top of the list.