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5 reasons why Honda Fit tops resale value in sub compact car segment

Known for high residual resale value, Honda, in any car segment is hard to beat for return on initial investment at time of resale or trade-in. We discover 5 reasons why Honda Fit tops resale value in the subcompact car segment.


Driving the streets of North America since 2007, Fit remains a force to reckon with in a car segment ripe with bare-bones, entry-level personal transportation pods. According to, when compared to the subcompact car competition Honda Fit constantly comes out on top, not only in consumer satisfaction, low cost of ownership, and fun to drive, not-so-utilitarian hatchback attributes, but in residual market value.

Read what your lightly used Honda Fit worth after 3 to 5 years

KBB.Com tells us, that on average, your 2018 Honda Fit will retain 47.4% of its base retail purchase price after 36 months of ownership. And, 31.6% after 60, months. Of Course, your next for sale by owner, or dealership trade-in value will vary, dependent on many factors. But, when compared to Toyota Yaris and Hyundai Accent, on average, your Fit beats the competition by no less than 9.5%. My dear Mother drives this Honda Fit. This is the 4th year Honda Fit takes the top residual value spot in the ever-growing subcompact car segment.

Me, I like driving Honda Fit for several reasons

Honda Fit development has come light years since its introduction to North America in 20017. You still see those very cool, smaller, bug-eyed Fits running the streets of any town U.S.A... Honda Fit, now on its 3rd generation presents a quirky, yet cutting edge 5-door hatchback design -- is fun to drive -- and affords mind-bending utility in its Magic Seat equipped class topping, voluminous interior. At 6 foot, 5 inches tall, I have no problem fitting in Fit. And find its general seat comfort and drive dynamic even on long road trips to be pain-free. Read my latest Honda Fit drive adventure here.

5 reasons why Honda Fit holds superior resale value

1. Honda doesn’t backload Fit’s MSRP with factory incentives.

2. What you see is what you get: Fit presents generous standard factory features.

3. Honda Fit is not sold to rental fleet companies. You won’t find Fit at Avis, Budget, Hertz.

4. Honda Fit presents the largest cabin volume of any subcompact car.

5. Fit’s reputation for reliability and affordable operation costs drive resale demand.

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