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2019 Honda Insight may Buck the SUV Buying Trend

There’s no question in the automotive industry that crossover and SUV sales have long outsold sedans in North America, that’s a given So why does Honda embrace the 4-door sedan as demonstrated through Clarity and the soon to arrive Insight?


Honda’s latest and greatest electrified cars hit the skids as conventional sedans. With crossovers and SUV’s outselling 4-door sedans in the broader car market, does Honda know something as to changing trends that the balance of the automotive industry has missed? Could be. I first announced the reinvented Honda Insight back in early 2017.

Will the 3rd generation 2019 Honda Insight buck the SUV trend?

Not necessarily. But as shared by Honda and Toyota with Torque News, 4-door compact, mid and full size sedan sales comprise no less than 40% of all new car sales. We’re talking in the millions. With Fiat Chrysler, and most recently Ford Motor Company announcing their exit from the sedan segment. Honda may be on to something. Honda Accord and Civic buyers will purchase no fewer than 700,000 cars in 2018, more or less. That’s a big number, Insight will capitalize on those sales.

The 4-door sedan is not dead in North America. Electrify it, you have a winner

Insight is inspired by a long history of Honda electrification: While Honda Accord Hybrid has not been a large volume seller, my experience behind the wheel confirms that the Hybrid Accord is the most refined and powerful in the lineup.

The same can be said for 2018 Honda Clarity. In any variant, Honda Clarity is a pleasure to drive, super low pollution emitting, and fuel efficient. The soon to arrive 3rd generation Honda Insight will fit nicely in size and price point, smack between Honda Civic and Accord, while sharing drivetrain and drive attributes with Honda’s Clarity series. Check it out, Clarity drives like no other car on the road today.

2019 Honda Insight FrontHonda believe the time has come for Insight

Back in 1999, Honda Insight was the first mainstream passive hybrid car to be marketed in North America. While the sales numbers were never outstanding for Honda, Insight set the bar for all comers, including Toyota Prius in the years ahead. While the 3rd generation insight electric may be coming to the game with major in-place competition from Chevy Volt, Hyundai Ionic, and Toyota Prius, the electrified car segment itself is only now coming into its own. While Honda Insight may not Buck the SUV buying craze, it will certainly ding it a bit.


insightman (not verified)    May 24, 2018 - 10:19AM

"The soon to arrive 3rd generation Honda Insight will fit nicely in size and price point, smack between Honda Civic and Accord."

The new Insight is exactly the same size as the Civic because it is just a Civic with a modified body, interior, and powertrain. Insights have traditionally been hatchbacks; this Insight should have been a hatchback, too, but Honda refuses to make hatchbacks in the US.