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How 2018 Honda Clarity EV Trilogy Earns California Clean Air Award

As announced Monday morning by American Honda Motors the well received 2018 Honda Clarity electrified sedan series earns high honors from the Coalition for Clean Air. Why it won is a bit more interesting.

I’m one of the few journalist in the U.S. that’s driven the entire Clarity electric lineup. I do have an opinion as to which Clarity is the most drive dynamic. We’ll revisit that topic sometime down the road. Today, I applaud Honda engineering and marketing for having the moxey to mainstream market a car lineup that many in the Auto business look to fail.

It’s not that Clarity isn’t mechanically magnificent, or segment leading fuel efficient. Many of my cohorts simply don’t dig Clarity’s body line -- more specifically the rear fender have skirts. Nitpicking? Yes, I think so. 2018 Honda Clarity is fantastic by any measure.

The first time I drove Clarity Fuel Cell Electric, I was captivated by how seamless the drive experience truly is

Within minutes of taking the wheel of any one of 3 Clarity variants, one forgets that Clarity is electrified. Honda engineering goes to extraordinary measures to “normalize” Clarity EV.. And that’s today’s case in point. Clarity earns the California Clean Air award by presenting a Zero and near zero exhaust emissions emitting personal conveyance without sacrificing convenience, overall ride comfort, interior spaciousness, and tech rich connectivity.

Available in Fuel Cell electric, Battery Electric, and plug-in hybrid electric, all Clarity offerings are primary-electric motor driven. * Note: Clarity PEV is only available for lease in select West Coast markets.

Monday’s announcement: "The Coalition for Clean Air is proud to recognize Honda with a California Air Quality Award. By leading the way in fuel efficiency among all major car makers and committing to having two-thirds of its global automobile sales to be electrified vehicles by 2030, Honda has set a gold standard for others to follow," said Dr. Joseph K. Lyou, president and CEO at Coalition for Clean Air.

2018 Honda Clarity InteriorNext up, 2019 Honda Insight

Slated for dealership arrival late in the Summer of 2018 is Honda’s 3rd generation 2019 Honda Insight. Sharing a manufacturing platform with Clarity, Honda Insight will fit in Honda’s North America lineup between Civic and Accord. With an estimated EPA MPG rating of 54 Highway, Insight will ride alongside Honda Clarity as the most fuel efficient 4-door sedan lineup available to the U.S..


Wayne Michaud (not verified)    May 22, 2018 - 12:45PM

It is so refreshing to see a major automaker prominently advertise a green vehicle out of its lineup of traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. I think of Chevrolet ads on TV for instance. I have never seen an ad for the Chevy Bolt EV which I own, or even the Volt. Automakers still push what sells best: SUVs and pickups. In the interests of air quality, the environment and energy conservation, they need to balance this with marketing green vehicles in their lineup.