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2018 Honda Accord finds sales success through goal achievement video

2018 Honda Accord is finding sales success through viewer recognition of relatable accomplishment of goal.. How better to demonstrate the personal drive and fortitude behind the development of the most powerful, refined Accord in Honda history than through the power of video.


When does a car brand become as familiar as a family member, the kid next door, or your favorite movie personality? Torque News looks to how Honda makes the 2018 Accord not only recognizable, but personally relatable through video.

American Honda Motors is second to none in spinning a down-home, warm and fuzzy connection between the Honda brand and you, the car buyer. Sure, it helps that the Honda brand has been an automotive mainstay in America for generations. So, the fact that the reinvented 2018 Honda Accord, now in its 41st year of production, is on track to not only retaining the retail sales lead in its segment, but will most likely set a new sales record or two, it’s that good.

Honda produces some of the best auto-related Video shorts in the car biz today

I love a well made, thought provoking, purchase compelling car advertisement. American Honda makes some of the best in the venue. But truthfully, what sells cars better than anything else is a personally relatable message. Who among us hasn't struggled for greatness, reached for the higher bar, striven to attain the unattainable, and then succeeded?

I’ve driven all trim levels of the 2018 Honda Accord sedan including the 3rd generation hybrid. As far as automotive engineering and design goes, this is the pinnacle in financially attainable automotive safety, design, fit and finish, and standard feature turbocharged engine performance. While Honda’s latest Accord Video doesn’t dive into the price point or technical aspects of the 10th generation Accord, It does demonstrate the spirit behind the Honda brand. Check it out.