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Insurance Institute demonstrates Honda Accord crash worthiness in video

It’s not everyday that we find the opportunity to view the planned destruction of a late model Honda Accord Sedan. Today. The IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) released a Honda Accord partial front overlap crash test to YouTube, the results may surprise you.


IIHS, the primary source for vehicle collision related cabin safety ratings, published an interesting video to Youtube today. In it, we view the results of driving a 2017 Honda Accord 4 door sedan at 40 miles per hour, into a stationary barricade at a slight angle. This action simulates the most common frontal collision occurring on the road today. I drive the 2018 Honda Accord Touring, impressive.

I reported on 10th generation Honda Civic safety ratings here. In most instances, when the driver is awake at the wheel, when noting a pending front-end collision, the driver will veer away from the anticipated impact. This is also true for lane cross-over related traffic collisions.

Thanks to advanced A.C.E frame and body structure, and the exceptional placement of strategic crumple zones, Honda Accord’s cabin remains remarkably intact. Torque News spoke in length with Honda Engineering as to the frame advances of Honda Accord, and this car.

On a side note: When reading through the IIHS 2017 midsize car safety ratings, although Toyota Camry is noted as a 2018 model, Honda Accord is not. It would appear that the just released to market 2018 Model was not ready for 2017 testing. In speaking with Honda, we’re assured, that the first turbocharged, Honda SENSING equipped, 2018 Accord will earn the coveted Top Safety Pick+ rating, as it has for several years running. Check out the astounding driver and passenger cabin protection afforded through advanced engineering, astounding!