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How to Customize 2018 Honda Accord Driver Attention Monitor Settings

Your 2018 Honda Accord is the most tech-advanced offering in the brands 4 decade history. What’s that cup-of-coffee icon on your monitor telling you, and how do you turn it off? Learn how to customize Driver Attention Monitor settings.


Granted, as an old-school hands on driver I often suspect that today’s super tech advanced safety rolling wonders, more specifically the advanced car, is programmed to assume that most drivers are inept, incapable, and rather dim witted. Well, at the least, more often distracted than not. My initial impression of 2018 Accord, fantastic!

With today’s bombardment of 24/7 news, 60 hour work weeks, kids in the back row, and the occasional Monday morning hangover, it may be a good thing that today’s automotive design and engineering gravitates towards fully autonomous driving. Me, I’m not quite ready for it, and more often than not reach to the far left lower dash panel and push off! Torque News drives across Los Angeles, brake, and mostly hands-off-the-wheel.

However, I do find value in 2018 Honda Accord’s flashing coffee cup emoji, icon, symbol?

Today, 2018 Honda Accord's advanced car technology can monitor the driver’s level of attention via steering wheel feedback. Or in the case of a tired driver, erratic steering wheel movement. Unfortunately, for those of us that drive on narrow 2-lane rural roads, an oversensitive lane-keep-assist sensor can and does attribute to Accord’s system ascertaining a “tired” driver, and thus eventually triggers a very loud interior car alarm.

In the case of 2018 Honda Accord Touring, if that doesn’t wake you out of the long-road-driver’s trance, Accord ass standard equipped with Honda SENSING , will self apply the brakes, and drive you off to the side of the road. As mentioned earlier in this diatribe, Honda’s Driver Alert Monitor is user friendly, and easily programmed to your preference.

Check out Honda’s short Video on programming the Accord Driver Attention Monitor. What do you think? Please comment and then share to your favorite social media outlet. Your readership is appreciated.