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2018 Honda Accord: Ease of driver connectivity drives Accord to yet another accolade

“Performance” long an experience spoken of in relation to an automobile’s acceleration and torque, takes on a new definition in the era of the connected car. In rolls 2018 Honda Accord.


Standard feature equipped ease of P.E.D.C (personal electronic device connectivity) and accident avoidance capability drives auto sales in this decade. In a time when one is hard pressed to find a truly “bad” car as to fit and finish, reliability, and fuel efficiency, most consumers look to the rolling computer, 4G, mobile hot spot side of personal conveyance, when choosing their next ride. Yes, you can buy a new car with advanced safety features for under $20K.

Honda began injecting high-tech standard features with the reinvention of the lineup

2018 Honda Accord is simply the latest sedan offering in Honda’s reinvented North American car, crossover, pickup truck, and SUV lineup. With the reinvented Accord comes the best standard equipped midsize mainstream sedan offering in Honda history. This week Accord is acknowledged by Kelley Blue Book with yet another accolade, “2018 Best Auto Tech Award.” for ease of personal electronic connectivity and near intuitive operation. KKB acknowledges 2018 Honda Accord for keeping advanced safety simple.

According to KBB: “The systems featured in both models delivered on their promise of enhancing the driving experience and safety quotient without adding complexity. And when distilled down to its essence, that’s what in-vehicle tech is all about.” I like the available heads-up display, 2.0 L turbocharged engine and 10 speed automatic transmission available in the 2018 Honda Accord Touring. I’ll take my advanced safety features with exceptional engine and ride-dynamic performance.

Honda’s done much to refine and simplify driver to car connectivity, while seamlessly integrating advanced driver assist and accident avoidance features. How’s it work?