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2017 Civic Type-R exhaust modification video

With Honda’s first Civic Type-R a mere three months on the street in North America, owners look to personalize their rides while pumping up the volume. The least expensive way to increase horsepower and torque in any car begins with intake and exhaust. Read on.


This morning while searching YouTube for Civic Type-R trends, our publisher Armen tripped across a rather informative exhaust pre-run modification video produced by YouTube relative newcomer, FlyinGato. The New York based Honda performance enthusiast does a commendable job of thoroughly investigating the ins and outs of modifying Civic Type-R’s rather unique 3-pipe exhaust.

The first disclosure to surface through his on-the-jack-stands under body expose of Civic Type-R, is that exhaust mods for Honda’s latest and greatest performance hatchback are far and few between. Me, I find two on line, and frankly, would live with Honda’s 3-pipe for a few months while properly seasoning Civic Type-R ; but then again, I’m a bit old school.

What the smaller center pipe does on Civic Type-R’s 3-pipe exhaust

Yes, Civic Type-R’s 3-tail-pipe exhaust system does look a bit peculiar. Yet, as explained to Torque News by Honda engineering, that center exhaust tube serves as a low decibel baritone exhaust note generator, effectively removing the historical, or is that hysterically correct, “tinny” exhaust tones of high revving Honda 4-bangers of generations past, and it works, to a point. 2017 Honda Civic Type-Rs exhaust tone is robust, in your face, yet not eardrum busting.

Inside the plush cabin confines of Type-R, unless you’re power shifting, conversations can be held at normal tones. Call me crazy, I like it! My point is that Honda Engineering maximizes horsepower and torque output, while maintaining class-topping fuel efficiency. As it is, 2017 Civic Type-R is powerful and refined, without being offensive to the neighbors and fellow drivers. But then again, it’s second nature for the performance crowd to want more.

What it take to modify the Civic Type-R 3-can exhaust system

Watch as FlyinGato of YouTube fame talks us through the ins and outs of 2017 Civic Type-R exhaust modifications.