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Rumors of a ‘cheaper’ entry level 2018 Civic Type-R circulating the Web

In the halls of Honda, you get what you pay for. From where I sit, a lower MSRP Civic Type-R will generate less performance hatchback for the money.

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Long before the market introduction of the first Honda Civic in the United States to bare the Type-R designation, rumors surfaced, spurred by the conversation with a Japan based project engineer, of an expanded Civic Type-R lineup. On Thursday the conversation continues with a short piece generated by Reese Counts of AutoBlog. In it, Counts speculates as to the launch of a cheaper, less equipped, Honda Civic Type-R trim package, as gleaned from a NHTSA filing report..

The speculation could prove to be true. But, does Honda need a less expensive, under equipped Civic Type-R to carry the line? I drive 2017 Civic Type-R through California Redwood country. As presented, 2017 Honda Civic Type-R is the quickest production front wheel drive performance hatchback on the market today.Honda performance fans have responded with their checkbooks, making Civic TYpe-R an instant collector's car within days of its launch.

The manufactured in England Civic Type-R to remain a limited production performance hatch

And that’s fine with American Honda Motor Company. Presently 2017 Civic Type-R is sold out. In conversation with Honda engineering, Torque News learns that the target sales number for 2017 is 2500 units, with 5,000 or so slated for U.S. sales in model year 2018. In short, Honda needn't downgrade Civic Type-R to sell the high performance hatchback in the U.S..

Honda Civic Type R

As it sits, you won’t find Honda’s award winning active safety suite on board, power adjusted seats, or mindblowing premium sound options. Presently, Civic Type-R is a comprehensive touring-car-like package, with hot-hatch tendencies. Let’s leave the refined Civic Hatchback experience to this offering.

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