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2017 Acura NSX order launch clock winding down to zero hour

Once again a brilliant advertising campaign leads to arguably the most advanced personal conveyance in Acura history

Walking into my local Acura dealership is always akin to a kid walking into a candy store. For this automotive journalist, nothing approaches the quiet, yet near histeria euphoric injection of “I want one,” quite like the smell and visual bombardment of a newly minted Acura sedan, crossover or SUV. I’m in love with the lineup and freely admit it!

While several readers have accused me of writing for the brand, in reality, I do so because I believe Acura to be sitting on the precipice of something very exciting and unique in a mostly vanilla-box world of manufactured 4-wheeled appliances. Honda’s Acura Division forges ahead on an unprecedented development roll out. And, I’m generally afforded the opportunity to drive and review all Acura developments. (Thank you Acura) Back to that candy store comparison, I couldn’t be happier.

In 7 days you’ll have the opportunity to custom order your 2017 Acura NSX

Yes, I know, the 2nd generation NSX supercar has been delayed more than once in its market arrival. Hey, it’s a cutting edge, hybrid driven design dependent on much new technology to propel Acura NSX, and its fortunate driver, to the next level in gasoline/electric hybrid sports performance. Here’s something to chew on while you’re waiting.

While there’s much more to the story of NSX than a delay or two, those patient enthusiasts among us, willing to commit to purchasing the world’s most affordably, and hopefully trouble free supercar, will have the opportunity to do so in 7 days. You may watch the clock tick down here, as Acura finally presents the mostly “made in America” hand crafted 2017 Acura NSX to a restless, yet patient group of well heeled enthusiasts.