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2016 Honda Accord features ‘Gen-Y’ exuberance, connectivity [Photos]

There it sat before me, featuring Honda's new San Marino Red, and 19 inch custom machine cut wheels. My first thoughts, a bit edgy! Who was Honda marketing the substantially refreshed 2016 Accord to?

Personally, I’ve always considered Accord as the better dressed Civic sibling in the Honda lineup. A few more features, an added option or two, and in some models, a V6 offering. Not super cutting edge as to drive-performance, yet appealing in its overall package of comfort, safety and reliability.

We had previously discovered a surprising performance drive experience in 2015 Accord Coupe 6 speed V6, and speculated as to how Honda might take its midsize bread and butter sedan to the next level, while holding the price-point.

As of this posting, Accord remains the best selling midsize sedan in Honda’s stable, edging out Toyota Camry (retail sales) by a very close 2500 units in 2014. Honda looks to hold their sales lead while expanding markets by attracting young buyers to Accord; specifically “Generation Y.”

What do I know, I though Accord was the granny-mobile in the Honda lineup

According to American Honda Motors, Accord is #1 with buyers under the age of 35, and #1 in the Nation's largest car market; California. 352,768 new Accords hit the streets in 2014, Honda looks to continue the trend by introducing what is arguably the “Most advanced Accord” in Honda’s history.

Honda-Torque News has reported in length as to the comfort, measurable performance, and near bulletproof attributes of the “Made in America” Accord. Upon driving 2016 Accord coupe and sedan while visiting Lake San Marcos California, we discovered a much improved coupe with reasonable pedal, fade-free braking, good steering feel, and, a much improved ride-quality and interior quiet.

What we didn’t experience was a notable uptick in V6 performance. it’s good, but not the deciding factor for most buyers when considering Accord. I’m in agreement with Honda engineering here, the very fuel efficient and torque-happy 3.5 L 1-VTEC V6, and 2.4 Liter 2.4 L, producing 278 hp, and 185 horsepower respectively, while sipping fuel works for the majority of today’s drivers; they’re quick enough.

Mid range sport- performance, stellar comfort

While this Accord may not slam your noggin back in the headrest, it does eagerly accelerate when called on to do so . Pulling onto the highway at speed, or maneuvering for position in traffic is not a problem with 2016 Accord of any variant. Handling is decent, with braking and steering feel more than sufficient. Driver and passenger seating surfaces for 2016, approach the best in the industry; we like that.

Driving and riding ergonomics approach best in class. We noted little to no compromise as to head, shoulder and leg positioning. Interior to exterior visibility was good from all seating positions; although the coupe rear seat may be best reserved for the children or our four legged friends.

For taller passengers, grab shot-gun, the rear seat in the sedan and coupe is best suited for those of shorter stature. however, in a pinch, this 6 ft 5 inch reviewer can squeeze into it.

Honda presents 2016 Accord featuring standard tech upgrades, improved ride and quiet

While Honda did kick up the horsepower and torque (a skosh) while increasing in town and highway fuel efficiency, most 2016 Accord improvements appear in the form of upgraded active safety features, greater personal connectivity,(Android and Apple OPS and apps) a smoother ride with firmer handling and overall road feel, new exterior colors and wheel designs.

New Touring Coupe

For me, the greatest notable improvement was found in the Touring Trim Ride Comfort. Yes, that’s correct, for 2016 Accord will follow CR-V and 2016 Pilot by offering a flagship Touring trim.($34,580+) And, with Touring Accord, buyers will experience the best sedan ride in Honda’s lineup via Amplitude Reactive Dampers, Hydro Bushings, rigid frame technology, lightened brake assemblies and a sound-isolating alloy wheel design.


For 2016 the end of cycle Accord(totally redesigned for 2017) is taken in the exterior design direction of the 2016 Acura ILX. Honda fans will note the Civic Si, ILX inspired grill and front cowling design, head and tail light body integration, trunk air damn and faux brake-air-intakes featured in the standard and race inspired dealership available aftermarket body kit.(Sport Coupe)

Interior flair

No getting around it, 2016 Honda Accord is good looking, but is it exceptional? looking to the interior, we note a piano-black, brushed chrome and graphite inspired center console, multiple screen center stack, 3-dial floating instrument cluster, premium seating with driver side power adjustment, a very good multi-angle directional backup cam, and the Honda SENSING ™ option available in all variants.

We further note the integration of a 60/40 split rear seat with access to the trunk for hauling skis, snowboards,building supplies, etc. *It’s about time Honda, thanks!

2016 Honda Accord Trim and pricing


For 2016, Accord buyers will be presented with 44 choices as to engine/transmission/coupe/sedan, and tech combinations. I get a bit dizzy thinking about it.

Priced from $22,105, 4 cylinder/6 speed manual, to the top of the lineup Accord V6 electric hybrid,($34,580+) consumers will find the widest range of Accord options in Honda’s history; with the edition of the new Coupe Touring edition, expanded cellphone connectivity and Honda Sensing ™ available as an option across the lineup.

Dealership arrival date

According to Honda’s Robyn Eagles, 2016 Accord sedans will filter into local Honda showrooms beginning the week of August 19, followed by Accord coupe the last week in August. Due to a systems upgrade and mild redesign of the 2016 Honda Accord gasoline hybrid, we don’t anticipate delivery of the built in Japan hybrid prior to mid year 2016.

Final thoughts

While not an asphalt burner in any trim variant, we did find 2016 Honda Accord to be greatly improved as to visual appeal, interior ergonomics, utility, quiet and ride comfort. For consumers concerned with optimal personal connectivity and device to car interface, Accord nails it! The electronics in Accord represent the cutting edge in active safety and personal connectivity technology.


You’d be hard pressed to find a better-connected 5-place on the planet. looking to the MSRP, and what one gets for the $ spent, 2016 Honda Accord carries the mark’s mission of attainable ownership forward; through affordable operation and state of the art standard featured passive and active safety features, wrapped in a pleasing easy to drive and park 4 door sedan or sport coupe.

While Honda may be courting “Gen-Y” buyers with the most technologically advanced Accord in the company's history, it’s the wow-factor of the exterior styling that may capture the imagination of the young at heart, regardless of age; Honda’s counting on it...