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2016 Acura TLX released to dealerships with little fanfare

Without the arrival of our weekly news bulletin from our friends at Acura, we wouldn’t have known of the arrival of the 2016 TLX to select dealers Thursday September 24.


And frankly, Acura-Torque news finds this rather muffled announcement coming out of Acura Division to be just a bit disarming. Afterall, 2015 TLX while by any measure a fine automotive exercise of design meets reasonable performance and measurable quality, has taken a hit or two from consumers as well as the automotive press; as to its “sometime” glitch-riddled Z-9 speed automatic transmission. Hopefully a malady of the past. We believe so.

A great driver’s car with 5-seat capacity

The first time Acura-Torque News drove TLX, we were hooked. It’s not often that an automotive enthusiasts encounters a sport sedan priced below $35,000 that can run bumper to bumper with the european performance crowd. For us, the most fun to drive TLX just happens to be the most affordable. A nice surprise if you will.

Such is the case with the base-model TLX. Featuring a 2.4 Liter 206 horsepower, 182 ft-lb torque, direct injected, dual induction, i-VTEC 4 cylinder gasoline engine, an 8 speed dual clutch automatic 8 speed manual transmission and P-AWS. This 5 passanger midsize sedan remains our favorite daily driver in the Acura sedan lineup.

The good news here: for Acura enthusiasts that wish for a bit more interior space, driver, passenger wiggle room and brand recognition panache than can be delivered by the compact 2016 ILX, Acura has held the MSRP ($31,615.) on its entry level TLX to within $250.00 of last year’s price tag. One cannot visually discern this relative performance bargain from the $45K offering.

For those future Acura TLX owners wanting the high output 4 cylinder, 8 speed driving machine, while wishing for a bit more tech, personal connectivity and active safety features, you may upgrade the base TLX with the Technology Package without breaking the bank for MSRP $35,757. Read our latest TLX drive review here.

7 trim levels for 2016 TLX

Looking to specifications and pricing, 2016 TLX comes to market after a very successful first year run, effectively reestablishing Acura as a viable premium sport sedan contender. For 2016 Acura TLX is offered in 7 trim variants, from the entry level TLX (priced from MSRP $31,615) to the top of line Acura TLX V6 SH-AWD (special-handling all wheel drive) with Advance Package ™ MSRP $44,800 + applicable fees, taxes and dealership charges. You may read Acura’s specification sheet here.

A final word or two

Every new technology experiences a proverbial teething pain or two. Such was the case with the first year TLX, a fantastic car by any measure. From what we hear from our dealership network, the majority of readers participating in our TLX owners forum, and our friends at Acura, the majority if not all of the reported 2015 TLX 9 speed transmission-shift-mapping, and electronic parking brake malfunctions have been ironed out.

2016 will be a fantastic year for Acura owners and TLX. as the brand continues to evolve toward the launch of 2017 NSX sport hybrid.