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2016 Acura NSX supercar remains cloaked in specification mystery

While visually intriguing, specifications remain a bit of a mystery as Accavitti and company present 2016 NSX to the world with Acura style.

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American Honda Motor's Acura Division is second to none in producing a world-class multimedia production. If there was an Oscar or Academy Award category created for brilliant, captivating and exciting live video backed stage presentations, Mike Accavitti and Acura would win it hands down.

Such was the case with the Detroit International Auto Show Monday morning reveal of 2016 Acura NSX. With hundreds of journalists, industry insiders and Jerry Seinfeld front row and center, the production model NSX was presented to the world.

Unfortunately, NSX remains a supercar of many questions

While the 2016 NSX production car remains mostly true in design to the latest concept NSX, the crowd’s reaction was mixed and largely lacked bravado. We’d experienced more applause at the Los Angeles reveal of the 2016 ILX. The muted reaction was a little disconcerting to those of us that had waited the better part of a decade for this reveal.

Was the automotive press overwhelmed by the enormity of North America’s largest auto show, or, did NSX fail to excite?

NSX signals a new direction for Acura Division

A third possibility crossed the mind as we recorded an event that was several years in the making. NSX development and track testing had been over-exposed by the automotive press.

2016 NSX must now re-capture the imagination of a media numbed crowd, now a bit overtaken by the reveal of an all new Ford GT.. Acura’s message of ‘being one with the car’ as demonstrated through TLX , ILX and now NSX will drive the brand to the forefront of world-car development and technology, and should not be lost to the crowd.

Turning to Acura’s YouTube channel: We counted a mere 2800 people watching the live feed, perhaps all journalists. We would expect a bit more interest in what we consider to be a car of many firsts, and as Acura has stated “ The birth of a new era.”

What we do know

2016 Acura NSX is the first and only hybrid supercar designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S.. Staying true to its heritage, 2016 NSX (thanks to a mid-car engine placement and carbon,aluminum alloy frame) when released for retail sale will feature the lowest center of gravity in its segment, and exceptional power to weight ratio

2016 NSX features a 4 drive mode IDS linked through an Acura designed 9 speed dual clutch automated transmission. Powered via an integrated primary drive electric motor mated to a turbocharged V6, and aided by secondary front drive electric motors, NSX is like no other performance car manufactured in North America.

With all propulsion units combined this gasoline/electric hybrid supercar will produce exceptional instantaneous torque throughout the range and stated horsepower exceeding 550. Although engine specifications and power ratings have yet to be released by Acura, looking to the known hardware, instantaneous torque should meet or exceed the world's premier supercars.

NSX remains a car of many questions cloaked in mystery as to specifications, price and availability(in that order for automotive enthusiasts.) Acura tells us that we will see 2016 NSX in North America production no later than fall 2015, we have no reason to doubt them.

What we don’t know…

Although Acura Division Vice President and General Manager Mike Accavitti stated an estimated target price for NSX in the mid $150,000 range. Acura has not confirmed price, component specifications, performance data, or production release date(to date) for 2016 NSX. As explained to us, Acura wishes NSX to be perfect, it will hit the market when ready.

Acura tells us that U.S. customers will have access to an online building and car order format beginning summer 2015. According to Accavitti, 2016 Acura NSX will be available in several trim variants and should roll off of Honda's Ohio Performance Center assembly line late year 2015.

Note: As confirmed by Acura, 2016 NSX will be a limited production, high quality performance hybrid; featuring industry bench mark setting future forward technology, and train-track-like handling characteristics. We believe that 2016 NSX Hybrid will be highly collectible on its initial release, insuring record-high residual value for those who invest.

The proof of NSX superiority of performance and handling will be in our first test drive: We look forward to driving and writing a full review of Acura NSX in the summer or fall of 2015. look for our drive and review of Acura ILX, 2nd week of February.

Congratulations Acura,well done!

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Todd Fry (not verified)    January 12, 2015 - 8:36PM

I don't think there was too much excitement over the NSX because it's been a known quantity for a couple of years. Compare this to the Ford GT announcement: total bombshell because the only thing anyone had were rumors.

Parks McCants    January 12, 2015 - 10:51PM

In reply to by Todd Fry (not verified)

I agree Todd. A bit too much media exposure. And, no surprises in the end. Ford G.T. is stunning. More of a Farrari look alike. We'll see where NSX goes. As you know, the Brits have bought out their order allotment. I'll assume the same will happen in the U.S.. Limited production and price will guarantee a certain amount of success. Plus, it's one hell of a hybrid!