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2015 Honda Fit EX perfect for 'tuner' car modification

Dropping in at the local Honda store I encountered my first, bare basic 2015 Honda Fit EX. As barebones as grandma’s 1980s Honda Civic, I like Fit EX for 'tuner car' modification.

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We've read from more than one reader in regards to modifying a late model Honda Fit for "tuner" duty. While there's no shortage of modified Civics running the streets and car show circuit, we've seen but a handful of modified late model Honda Fits. We like what TJIN did with Fit at SEMA for 2014, because it looks doable. Read on...

Granted, you won’t see too many 2015 Honda’s of any variant slammed to the pavement, breathing flames and sounding tough. Usually the base price of the donor vehicle dictates most people’s tuner project vehicle of choice. After seeing what these builders did at 2014 SEMA with 2015 Honda Fits donated to the cause by American Honda Motors, I opened up to the possibility of building a late model Honda Fit tuner.

While I don’t have the $ bacon to justify an unlimited budget build, I do like the bare basic 2015 Honda Fit EX with the 130 horsepower, 127 ft-lb torque “EarthDreams” 1-VTEC 4 cylinder gas and 6 speed close ratio manual transmission. This is as close as you can come today in a new ride to the experience of modifying a Datsun 510 wagon, Fiat 124 sport sedan or small bodied 1990s Honda Civic Hatchback. I've seen one slammed and I like the wide tired, low profile fat fender Fit sitting on a modified suspension.

Even at the entry trim level, 2015 Fit EX sports a very decent interior finish, comfortable and infinitely adjustable second row seating featuring state of the art active and passive safety features standard.

With a suggested starting price of $15,650 + applicable fees, destination charges, license and sales tax, Fit offers exceptional value in a fun to drive, good looking 5 door hatchback with unlimited customization possibilities. Torque news has driven several, you can read about our ride experience here.

One doesn’t have to take Fit to turbocharged extremes to make a personal statement. looking to the numbers I believe that Fit can be pushed to the next level in personal injected attitude for $2,000 to $3,000. An uptick in rims and tires, intake airbox change out and exhaust mods can add 25 to 30 horsepower and greater mid range torque without breaking the bank. Want more? Think about a performance chip and larger injectors for Fit. Super Charger? I don’t know how far you can push the Indo- built 1.5 L engine, try it! You may wish to give HPD a few months to catch up with FIT mods for the new “EarthDReams” mill.

The Fit staged by SEMA is to be Honda’s next big thing when it comes to affordable customization, I believe that aftermarket performance and body customization parts will become mainline sometime in early 2015.

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