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Honda Fit performance aftermarket to explode following SEMA

Thinking about modifying your late model Honda Fit? Better get on it! we believe that that Fit aftermarket demand will explode following the SEMA Show.

Honda’s Fit Performance Competition took 2014 Las Vegas SEMA show by storm. While your wallet may not afford over the top Bismo Turbo action, modifying your late model Fit may not be as expensive as you think.

Without a doubt Honda Fit is being positioned as the North American performance hatchback in Honda’s lineup. 2014 Las Vegas SEMA fired up our brain neurons a bit as to the possibility of taking on a late model performance Fit build. Torque News has reported on Honda Performance Development projects in the past, with the rally ‘B” spec rally making or favorites list.

While our hardcore Honda HotRod aficionados prefer to bend and modify earlier small body Civic hatchback, Si & R configuration Honda and Acura fodder, those doner cars are becoming a rare commodity on the West Coast. We've seen a couple of modified Fits coming onto the car club scene and look to the hatchback greenhouse forward styling of Fit to be(almost) infinitely modifiable.

2015 Honda Fit looks good slammed to the ground, fat fender, fat tired and gutter shaved. However, modification body parts and running gear is infinitely more available at a fraction of the cost for a pre- 2015 Fit.

2005 ain't that long ago Bro

HotRod food comes in different years and flavors while searching Car Trader for a good condition used Fit.True enough, Fit has evolved over the past few years with improved standard features, greater handling and improved engine performance. Truth is, you’re going to toss much of your stock Fit into the recycle bin.

A used Fit is cheap but it ain't free

Looking through online Auto Trader we find decent used Fit fodder priced from $5800 on up. You should be able to find a decent Fit doner car in the $7500 range.

Torque News likes Honda Performance Development (HPD) “B” spec motor and suspension setup. For those builders with a solid bank balance, this may be a viable source for your build. For builders with a limited cash flow, we like(HPF) HorsePowerFreaks. They appear to have the widest selection of Fit modification parts for every budget. For under $1000 you can push your Fit in the direction of higher performance.

Honda Tuning Magazine compiled a comprehensive list of aftermarket suppliers, you may read it here.

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To me, this Fit brings back memories of blasting around the O.C. in a modified Fiat 124. Not a hatchback but the same dynamics of affordable high revving fun.
Good day Parks. You know I'm a big Honda fan, but I gotta tell you, I find the Fit just butt ugly. When you are designing a packaging miracle, which the Fit is, (bigger on the inside than it appears on the out), you can only do so much with the design of the body. My neighbor has an older Fit, has been trouble free, fun to drive, it is pretty amazing what he can cram into it, economical and has held up really well to the abuse it's seen. I just can't get myself to warm up to its looks, (the height to width to length proportions is what kills it for me). Looks like a mini-mini van to me, (have never been a fan of the van). That said, we all look through different eyes. Be Well
How ya doin' JeffS. Well, I thought Fit was over-hyped crap before I drove a full tech sport model through the streets of Los Angeles a couple of months back. I was impressed by the EarthDreams Di paddle shifting performance of this little box. You won't find one packed in my driveway, but I do believe Honda has it positioned to unseat Civic as the entry-level sales leader in the Honda line-up. Customized, it goes one on one with Mini Cooper S. The front-end styling: you'll either love it or hate it.
I can't think of any Honda I have driven and I have driven several (obviously not as many as you) and I liked the dynamics of every one. It's just the looks, for me, don't get it. Gussied up with some aftermarket parts and I can certainly see it's appeal. It's just not the Honda for me. That's actually part of what makes, Honda, Honda, offering up, pretty much niche' vehicles that do not try to appeal to too large a demographic. The Accord sedan, Odyssey and Civic plain Jane being the exception. That leaves allot of more specifically targeted vehicles to choose from, (including Acura), it's a matter of which one hits the target for you.When you find one you like, there is a sense of they built it just for you. Other Manufacturers do the same, but I think Honda/Acura is the best at it. By the way, do you fellas ever sleep? Always something new to read about, it really is quite incredible. Be Well.
I took out a J. Cooper works Mini when I was last shopping and I hated it. I went in thinking it may be the car for me, not.
Saw some pics of other kits available that were shown at SEMA. Can't believe I am saying this, but some are sharp. The Kylie Tjin special edition looks wicked cool. The only problem is that they are slammed so close to the ground. I can hardly get my Z out of the driveway without scrapping the front spoiler, (driveway rather steep) and am on the constant lookout for road hazards. I know, I'm stating the obvious. I also see there are some serious HP mods. available. There is a track right down the road from me. Friday nights are Rice Rocket night. Be interesting to see how many Fits start showing up. Some of the, "Go-karts" that show up are running 9 second quarters.
Like you said: something for every body. Thanks Jeff.