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Torque News Honda recomends HPD's Rally Fit for affordable club racing

While I didn’t find one under the tree this Christmas, a Honda Race Development Fit remains one of the most competitive, affordable tickets to SCCA B specification racing. I want one and here’s why.

Bottom Line: I’ve been there and racing at any level is a major commitment of time and dollars. I’ve sponsored B Class Baja racers, Super Sunday Chevrolet Nova funny cars and Suzuki turbocharged drag bikes. My personal racing experience dates back further than I wish to mention here. But I’ll give you a clue. “McCulloch” twin engine 2 stroke kart racing. You can still find them for sale on E bay. The reason why is simple. They’re crazy fast fun.

Back in the day we would add a bit of Coleman white gasoline to the mix. The motors would run so hot that I melted the top plate off of a carburetor.

I was hooked for life and progressed through several cars while finally landing in a vintage class English Ford Capri.

At any rate the ‘B’ class Fit takes me back to my racing roots with its small size and basic simplicity. Fully caged and race modified by Honda Race Development, the car tips the scales at
just a tad over 2,000 lbs. What HPD has done here is kick the compression up a bit, added a bit of fuel volume while allowing the engine to breath. Beyond hardened rods, pistons and a tweak here and there, the car remains basically stock as a condition of participating in class racing.

In this respect the field is level. However, as demonstrated at the 2013 Thunder Mountain 24 Hour, Honda continues to come out on top. For those interested in reading the specifications, look here.

You aren't required to “spec out” a new Fit to participate in SCCA racing. With that in mind, I believe that it’s possible to build a lightly used “ B” class Fit for well under $20,000 with a small car trailer, fuel cell and a change of rubber. Take a couple of racing classes, purchase a helmet and gloves and you’re on your way.

While the car won't knock the doors off of the HRD CR-Z, it will give the driver the time in the seat to move up in class or simply dominate “ B” class.

A lot of fun for the dollar.

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