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2015 Honda Fit features larger car ride

I don’t know how Honda did it. When you experience Fit's ride your transitioned into a bigger car feel and space continuum.

Prior to experiencing the 2015 Honda Fit Sport on the streets of Los Angeles, I wasn’t a big Fit fan. While I found the Japanese built 5 door hatchback to be accommodating enough as to interior space and utility, earlier manifestations of the sub-compact ware a little rough around the edges for this seasoned motor-head. In all fairness to Honda I was used to driving larger premium cars and trucks, some of them with trunks and truck beds the size of Fit.

That all changed for me when Honda provided the keys to a Marano red on black 2015 Fit Sport with full tech package. On first seating I was thinking “Fit sucks”… not really. I had just experienced the Huntington Beach(Surf City) release of Honda's substantially refreshed(gross understatement) CR-V. for 2005 CR-V has been updated across the line with state of the art CVT transmission,’EarthDreams” direct injected i-VTEC 4 cylinder engine and quite possibly the smoothest ride in it’s class; I was blown away.

While 2015 Honda Fit is not CR-V sized or all wheel drive, it does offer much similarity in utility, comfort and a surprisingly stable(dare I say smooth) ride. With 130 hp under the bonnet you wouldn't expect Fit to be responsive and sporty; it is!

Taking Fit down the ladder to L.A.X.

Anyone that commutes in Los Angeles(sorry) knows how beat-up the road beds are. Freeway 110 from the 605 west to Los Angeles International Airport(L.A.X.) is one of the most heavily traveled freight truck routes in the U.S., this would be my proving grounds for Fit.

As I traversed Fit down the 110 from the Whittier foot hills, it took me a moment to realize that I wasn't being beat to death by the road. Fit floated over the rain grooves and transitional concrete bumps with little bother. My daily driver for over a decade was a Dodge Turbo Diesel 2500 with adjustable air suspension and 10 way electric custom captains chair.My truck was designed to travel over rough road surfaces. Here it comes: Despite sub-compact dimensions, Fit is as smooth and road worthy as a car twice its size and weight.

By increasing the track width of Fit, tuning the suspension by reducing deadweight(rims and brake assembly) and adding active stability control, Fit rides like a much larger car.

Fit makes Top 10 “Green Car” of the year award. I’ll touch on that in our next Article