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2015 Honda Fit earns highest IIHS safety rating in class

Last year’s safety rating downgrade at the hands of IIHS resulted in a total redesign of Honda Fit's safety cage. Torque News takes a closer look at Fit’s safety rating for 2015.

looking to the numbers, 2015 Honda Fit may be the safest sub-compact car on the road today. According to Honda News, Fit has just been awarded IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) highest crash rating in the sub-compact classification. This didn't come easy for Honda.

Art St Cyr, vice president of auto operation American Honda Motors, tells us that after an earlier 2015 test mule scored below par on the IIHS tough offset frontal crash test, Honda engineering returned to the design room and developed a superior front bumper beam that effectively reduces impact compaction through deflection,( bounce) educated guess.

According to Honda no other car tested in the subcompact segment outscores Fit in the IIHS frontal and offset frontal crash test. In our collective opinion, the results make Honda Fit one if not the safest small car on the road today.

We test drove the smaller than CR-V 5 door hatchback 2015 production Fit a few months ago and discovered a superior automotive transformer. With affordability, class-leading interior space and measurable driving performance, Torque News discovered Fit to be not only fun to drive but unusually comfortable for a sub-compact.

With upgraded seating, class-leading personal connectivity and superior fuel economy, Fit is perfect for today's active lifestyle. With a base MSRP of $15,525, Honda Fit comes standard with personal communication connectivity, touch screen dash monitor and state of the art accident avoidance. We especially liked the freeway convergence monitor, increased horsepower, improved suspension and braking. You may read our 2015 Fit review here.

We congratulate our friends at Honda for taking an already great small car to the pinnacle of driver and passenger safety.