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2015 Honda HR-V Crossover Fit's sibling sports-jock

Honda’s done it before: By introducing extreme variations of a base world-car platform, Honda expands the line-up while holding the bottom $ line. Is HR-V a Fit by another name?

Well, yes and no. We've watched all auto and motorcycle manufacturers do this for decades. It’s a sound down-line consumer beneficial manufacturing practice that allows a radical variance of the base platform vehicle while holding the line on unit price, related recalls, O.E.M. parts, aftermarket parts and accessories. (wow! now that’s a run on sentence) “ take a breath Parks.”

Looking to Honda, my earliest memories take me back to the days of the $800 Honda 600 sedan and S coupe; that was back in 1971, Honda was relatively new to the U.S. car game and knocking heads with young upstart Subaru. Subaru featured all wheel drive, Honda offered style and world-proven motorcycle based reliability.. Honda’s S Coupe was a cute little thing, sharing a motorcycle engine, frame and running gear with the sedan. As they say,"the rest is history."

HR-V Crossover not a long stretch for Honda

As Torque News readers debate the need for greater Turbo delivered torque and performance for HR-V, we look to the specifications of Vezel as posted by Wiki and other sources.Fit’s jock sibling will be a Honda Fit by another name featuring a bit more style and coupe-like cockpit.

There’s also that all-wheel drive option you won’t find in Fit. What you will be giving up is a bit of headroom and utility in the rear seating area. looking to HR-V’s roof-line, I estimate a loss of ¾ to 1.5 inches in headroom and a bit of shoulder room. Leg room should be par to Fit with cargo volume reduced a bit.

Coupe-like body design with shaved rear door handles

I like that! Honda engineering has incorporated an invisible rear door panel into HR-V, making for a coupe-like exterior profile. The door is there, you just have to look for it. HR-V is a 5 door hatchback.

2015 HR-V doesn't outweigh Fit

looking to the European and Japan specifications for HR-V, in FWD and AWD, HR-V will not outweigh Fit.

So...The( sometime) preconceived notion that if in fact HR-V hits North America standard equipped with Honda’s “EarthDreams” direct injected i-VTEC 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine, that it will be under-powered is hogwash. Previously registered as a Honda Fit hater, I've been converted to Fit fan club member by taking an extended test drive in a 2015 Fit EX-L with Tech. My test mule featured a CVT with paddle shifters and driving mode select button. I've driven every Honda and Acura in the lineup; Fit impresses, it’s that good.

We’re talking about a 2600 lb car that through the wizardry of Honda computer controlled CVT torque management, has much usable torque in the mid- range forward, it’s fast and quick. Could you use more? sure, do you need more? no!

I predict that 2015 HR-V will feature the same drive-line as Fit. Perhaps Honda will offer a close ratio manual 6 speed for HR-V, we don’t know yet. If HR-V comes in or at current 2015 Fit pricing($16,000 to $21,000) plus a $1200 premium for all wheel drive, Honda will sell as many of them as they can build and ship.

Will Honda offer Hybrid or Turbo options in North America for 2015 HR-V? We’ll find out in Los Angeles November 19.