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Rumors of Honda HR-V Hybrid for North America

With the exiting of Honda’s original hybrid Insight exiting North American markets, many Honda watchers believe that CR-Z is next to go. I believe that Fit platformed HR-V could fill the gap in Honda’s shrinking hybrid lineup.

So what’s going on Honda? As I pestered my Honda connection Chris Martin for a driveline specification or two of the all new 2015 HR-V Crossover, he was as tight lipped as a pressure sealed Mason Jar cap. I would have to wait until Honda’s unveiling of HR-V at the Los Angeles Auto Show November 19. Short on patience and long in speculation, I pressed on for a clue or two as to Honda’s not so big entry portal crossover/SUV.

Logical progression
Knowing that Honda HR-V will roll down the same production line as the much improved 2015 Honda Fit, I anticipate that the majority of HR-Vs sold in North America will be powered and motivated by a 1.5 Liter “EarthDreams” normally aspirated direct injected four cylinder gasoline engine coupled to a state of the art clutched CVT transmission; what about hybrid?

Spy photos show us an advanced cage forward greenhouse sports coupe-like interior, center shift console,Fit’s“Magic Seat” and from what I can view, key-less ignition, drive mode selector button, and dash monitor of some capacity. Personal connectivity? certainly. Honda “pinch and swipe” touchscreen, we don’t know yet. The select drive button is what catches my attention as the mind drifts toward the possibility of hybrid.

Los Angeles is not located in Japan

Nonetheless, the largest automotive market in the United States is epicenter for American Honda Motor Co.; I know, I grew up there. I believe that what works for Japan markets can work for los Angeles and as indicated by Honda’s Fuel Cell Electric,(FCEV) plug in hybrid and gasoline/electric hybrid development, I believe that HR-V Hybrid, sold in Japan as the Vezel would be a viable replacement for the exiting Honda Insight Hybrid and the soon to depart chronic underselling CR-Z hatchback.

Near zero emissions and 70 mpg

I’ve driven the Insight, CR-Z, Civic Hybrid and Accord Hybrid in that order. My favorite over-all Honda driving experience was in the seat of a 2015 Accord Hybrid.The across the range torque and near silent takeoff experienced borders on mystic. For those wishing for a hybrid larger than CR-Z, claiming fuel economy(Japan) approaching 70 mph while providing exceptional performance in a subcompact crossover, 2015 Honda HR-V may just be your “E” ticket.

I’ll be covering the Los Angeles Auto Show live November 18-20, and will share with you my initial review of Honda HR-V and Acura ILX. Until then, have fun, drive safe and live life to the fullest.

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You can't believe the HRV could stand on the 1.5 as its lone gasoline option in the states. They are timid about the 1.0L turbo being too weak for American tastes. Is the 1.5 really where they will go with this? The Buick Encore and incoming Chevy Trax would be more rewarding than the HRV and that's a sad podium to stand third on.
Welcome Robert. We don't know what the power options will be for 2015 HR-V. However, based on the North american Fit platform, Japan and Europe Vezel, the 1.5 liter would be the standard engine of choice. I agree with you, I'd like to see a turbo and Hybrid option for HR-V. I'll fill you in on the specks 11-19.
The North American HR-V will be getting one of two engines: 1.8 SOHC (current Civic engine) or the new Earth Dreams 1.8 DOHC DI engine. The ED 1.5 Fit engine would be waaayyy too weak of an engine for the larger, heavier HR-V. No one would buy it if that was the case.
I tend to agree. I think one of the reasons for building in Mexico is the ability to get inventory southbound. That means with the 1.5 filling less American cars AND a potential fit sedan, it still makes financial sense to use the Civics 1.8 until the 1.5 earth dreams replaces the current 1.8 if they can get them down from...Ohio I think? I say I agree, but it might just be wishful thinking.
How you doing Robert? The indication is that Honda will utilize a up-tuned 1.5 Liter. we'll know November 19. Thanks for dropping in.
I know you are probably right. Every automotive site is saying what you have been saying, but now I'm in a dilusional Inception loop where my totem is still spinning so I'll hold out hope :)
You never know. A high output sport edition is possible. Remember HR-V in North America will be positioned down-market of CR-V.
American Honda reads your comments. Let's see if they listen. Thanks Patrick.
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