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2015 Honda HR-V Crossover: Release date mired in unsubstantiated speculation

With Tokyo based Honda Motor Company calling for greater quality control, detractors assume that the much anticipated Mexico manufactured HR-V release will be pushed out to spring of 2015.

Many of our readers have expressed interest in the Fit world-car platformed 2015 Honda HR-V. Scheduled for introduction at next month’s Los Angeles Auto Show, Honda announced earlier in the year that HR-V would hit the dealership showrooms, winter 2014. Now, with recent corporate developments in Japan centering around the unprecedented 5th recall of the non related Japanese manufactured Fit Hybrid, the press is having a field day with Honda.

Honda HR-V delivery delayed until spring 2015

Strangely enough I don’t find that information coming directly from my sources at American Honda. In a recent article making the auto-news rounds, it was speculated that due to the appointment of a “quality control Zarr,” teething pains experienced in bringing Honda’s newest North American manufacturing facility on line, transcontinental rail-shipping related theft and damage of the 2015 Fit; a 6 month delay was more than likely in the initial delivery of Honda’s entry portal Fit platform based light truck.

True enough, Japan Honda Motors has stated that up to a 6 month delay could be experienced in “some” manufacturing facilities, Celaya, Mexico was not singled out as a problem hotspot. Let’s place the blame for this speculation where it belongs; Automotive Reports and auto production expert Ron Harbour.

Don’t panic, Honda HR-V may well be worth the wait

Honda tells us that a second shift is coming on line in Celaya, Mexico to increase 2015 Fit production; HR-V will run down the same line. We’re assured by Honda PR that Fit supply will catch up with demand in the short term; that quality control in Honda’s newest plant is foremost and that HR-V production should ramp up following Honda’s Los Angeles Auto Show presentation.

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