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2015 Honda HR-V: Fit platformed compact SUV with sports-coupe attitude

Today, American Honda announced that the physical debut of the 2015 Honda HR-V is scheduled for November,19 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Honda’s promised North America an entry-level almost micro sport crossover with a sports-coupe driving environment and the utility of a 5 door hatchback. We’ll soon view the real thing in Los Angeles. Will Honda HR-V return an affordable entry-level SUV/Crossover to North America?

Torque News reported on the photo only teaser of this Fit platformed based Crossover from the New York Auto show. We were impressed by the sports coupe-like interior, the “Magic Seat” folding rear bench, dynamic exterior styling and the possibility of a sub-compact urbane utility offering fuel economy approaching 40 mpg.

We look to HR-V to fill a market niche slightly below the up-sized 2015 CR-V.

Competitive MSRP and specifications

Honda hasn’t announced MSRP and specifications for 2015 Honda HR-V. However, we know that HR-V must base price at or under CR-V's $22,900 to be competitive in the segment. Also, based on the made in Mexico world-Honda Fit platform, HR-V shares identical wheelbase, track and impact cage dimensions with Fit. This translates to near-effortless city transition and parking capabilities.

Weighing in at at 2600 to 2800 lbs, HR-V will be offered in FWD or AWD configurations. Power will be delivered by a 130 hp direct injected 1 VTEC 1496 c.c.“ EarthDreams” 4 cyl. Torque will be transferred through Honda’s state of the art CVT (constantly variable transmission.) While we do find a Hybrid offering in Japan, Honda has announced no plans for Hybrid release to North America.

Sport-coupe interior and body line

Looking to Japanese counterpart Vezel, we find a high quality sub-compact SUV/ Crossover featuring “EarthDreams” and a state of the art CVT transmission. We've reviewed the 2015 Honda Fit featuring both, with paddle shifter. You may read our review here.

2015 Honda HR-V will continue Honda’s future-forward evolution in affordable comfort, fuel efficiency and consumer safety. Honda is standing by it’s sale release window: sometime before the end of 2014.

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48mpg?? Is that a typo? The Honda Fit on which the HRV is based, has a max. 40mpg for highways, so how will 48mpg be possible with same engine and bigger body?
Welcome Mustafa. We'll see. The 48 mpg is based on a Wikipedia Honda release. We haven't substantiated it. We'll look for Honda to specify the number 3 week in Nov. Thanks. ( By the way) HR-V will only be heavier than Fit in the all-wheel drive full tech package. Also, Honda has a new technology drive system slated for HR-V...
Please tell me they aren't putting the Fit's 1.5 in this thing. We've avoided the Encore solely based on its output.
Good day Robert. Honda hasn't released specifications. Although we do know that Fit and HR-V will come down the same assembly line in Mexico. Keep posted.
This would be perfect it came turbocharged!
Yes, that would make for a fun Crossover. However, Honda hasn't hinted at a Turbo. We'll keep you posted.
Initially there was talk of a manual transmission as well - Any news on that?
Welcome Chuck. If Honda utilizes the Fit platform as the base for the HR-V, a 6 speed close ratio manual may be a possibility. No talk of this as of yet.
Why not offered as a hybrid like the Vezel? What would be America's EPA equivalent mpg for the Vezel hybrid that began selling in Japan last Dec? I've been putting off buying a compact SUV crossover awaiting the release of the HR-V hybrid in USA. IF no hybrid then only other compact SUV on market this month is the Lexus NX300h and I really don't need a luxury SUV. Too bad Ford dropped the Escape hybrid for 2013 model year.
Will the HR-V be the same height the Fit, or the CR-V? Because of disability, the CR-V is easier to enter/exit, but I would like the smaller HR-V if it's the same height.
Does this mean that the 1993 Geo Metro hatchback is now a 'micro crossover SUV'?
Hey David, ya having fun?