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Ford Increases F-150 Lightning Pricing For 2023, Cites Strong Demand

Ford recently revealed that it was reopening the order books for several of its models. One of these models is the 2023 F-150 Lightning, which has seen an impressive amount of consumer demand and sales. However, in addition to some welcome updates, the Lightning is also going up in price.


Strong sales and customer feedback are helping Ford refine the F-150 Lightning EV pickup, and as a result, the company is preparing a whole host of updates for 2023. However, these updates will also come with a jump in the admission fee too.

More Range and New Tech Help Add Depth To EV

The first major update is for buyers that bought the base battery configuration for the F-150 Lightning. While the battery itself is unchanged, Ford engineers tinkered with some of its inner workings and software to help squeeze 10 miles of extra range out of it for a revised total of 240 miles. For those that need a brief refresher, this battery option is available on the Pro, XLT, and Lariat trims, with the range-topping Platinum using the bigger Extended Range battery pack standard.

Pro Trailer Hitch Assist also comes along for the ride for 2023 with the novel feature allowing the truck to automatically maneuver itself to help it line up with a trailer hitch. While the Pro, XLT, and select Lariat trims have it as part of the optional Tow Technology Package, other Lariats and the Platinum trim have it standard. Two new colors also debut (replacing three existing colors) and the Pro model can be specced as a police-focused SSV model.

New Updates Also Come With Price Increases
Lightning Tesla adaptor

As they say, for every action, there's an equal opposite reaction and in the case of the F-150 Lightning, that proverbial reaction comes in the form of price increases, with the truck going up in price for the new model year. These increases depend on what trim you select with the truck going up $6,000 to $8,000 in some cases. For example, the base Pro Model now starts at $48,769, which includes the shipping fee but doesn't cover any outside charges or markups. We have also included the rest of the pricing in this handy chart below.

Pro: $48,769 (up $7,000)
XLT: $61,269 (up $6,500)
XLT High: $70,269 (up $6,000)
XLT High, Extended Range: $82,769 (up $8,500)
Lariat: $76,269 (up $7,000)
Lariat, Extended Range: $87,769 (up $8,500)
Platinum, Extended Range: $98,669 (up $6,000)

While this may seem like a case of potent sticker shock at first glance, Ford also revealed that it will be offering some perks to select buyers. In the case of the Pro, if you already had an order for a Pro model logged before Ford's price increases took effect, you will remain locked into the original lower price. The company will also offer customers a "private offer" if an order slot opens up. As the name implies, the company has not formally revealed exactly what these offers entail, but we think it could possibly be some form of discount or special rate. Buyers will also retain the option to cancel their Lightning order as well.

Image Credit: Ford Motor Company

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