2022 Ford F-150 Lightning
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F-150 Lightning Delivers More Range And Power For Its Customers

Ford F-150 Lightning customers will receive a bonus when they take delivery of their electric pickups. The Lightnings will given them more power and more range than they had expected. It is an unexpected bonus from Ford which is now the leader in electric pickups.

We don’t know whether you have heard the phrase: “over-promise and over-deliver.” It means that you give the customers what they have expected as a manufacturer – plus. In the case of the Ford F-150 Lightning, customers will benefit by receiving more power and capability than they ever expected from the electric pickups.

Customers Should Be Pleased

And, as the pipeline from the factory to customers begins to fill with examples of the electric pickup, customers should be pleased. The F-150 Lightning, the only full-sized electric pickup priced under $40,000, is now poised to begin shipments to customers, beginning with the Pro Series. It should establish Ford as a leader in the electric vehicle revolution.

The Lightning is the smartest, most innovative F-150 that Ford has built. The F-150 Lightning brings to its customer a 10-kilowatt innovative power plant on wheels, software updates that will make it better over time, and Built Ford Tough capability.

The standard- and extended-range battery packs offered on F-150 Lightning will deliver more horsepower than originally targeted and announced at the Lightning’s reveal in May 2021. The payload capacity increased as well.

“We were seriously focused on raising the bar on this truck, including after we revealed it, so we can deliver more for our customers,” said Dapo Adewusi, F-150 Lightning vehicle engineering manager. “And our drive for continuous improvement will get a big boost when we start getting feedback and ideas from customers when they receive their Lightnings.”

Extended Range Battery Gives More Horsepower

The extended-range battery pack produces 580 horsepower – up from the targeted 563 horsepower. The standard-range battery pack delivers 452 – up from the targeted 426 ponies initially promised. Both packs produce 775 pounds-feet of torque, more than any other F-150 pickup ever.

“Considering the initial numbers were impressive, these are amazing!” says F-150 Lightning customer and high school teacher Travis Piser. “It inspires confidence about how the truck will perform.”

F-150 Lightning is the only electric vehicle that is Built Ford Tough, and its maximum available payload capacity also increased from the original targets. Properly equipped F-150 Lightning pickups can now haul an extra 235 pounds for 2,235 pounds of maximum available hauling capability.

“I have been very excited for this truck ever since it debuted a year ago. The experience of driving one was simply amazing,” says F-150 Lightning customer and deputy fire marshal Matthew Brown. “Now you are telling me that is has more horsepower and can haul over a ton of weight in the bed. Absolutely blows my mind!”

EPA Estimates 320-Mile Range

In March, Ford released the final EPA-estimated range figures for all F-150 Lightning pickup models, including a 20-mile increase for F-150 Lightning XLT and Lariat trims with the extended range battery for a total EPA estimated range of 320 miles. Fleet customers can purchase the extended-range battery on Lightning Pro, which has an EPA-estimated range of 320 miles.

Click here to learn more about the electric 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning pickup, and click here to learn more about charging.

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it's UNDER-promise and OVER deliver. geez, really, you got that one wrong at the jump?