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We're About To See Giga Texas Awaken

Giga Texas has a completed building with all sides covered and production is eminent. Giga Texas is about to awaken and the production is going to be faster than anything Tesla has done before.

We're About To See Giga Texas Awaken

There's a nice aerial view of Giga Texas, from a thread on Reddit, and we see that the building is completely filled on all sides and the roof. Giga Texas is far bigger than anything Tesla has ever built. Let's take what we know about this enormous structure.

The dimensions are truly staggering and this is just the first building. The length is about 3/4 of a mile and the width, 1/4 of a mile (actual dimensions are 1.2 km by .35 km). This puts Giga Texas in the ranks of the biggest buildings in the world.

This is larger than the Boeing Everett factory, but not quite the largest building in the world. The largest building in the world by size is the Avtovaz main assembly in Russia (3 km by .47 km). The roof will eventually be covered in solar panels - and the entire factory could run on renewable energy only.

This factory is extremely long. I can't wait to see the production lines inside when the time comes. I could see a long line for the Model Y and a long line for the Cybertruck. These are the two primary products that will be produced in this factory.

Model Y and Cybertruck

The 4680 battery Model Y and Cybertruck will be the two products Tesla builds in this factory and they are going to sell millions of each. Tesla will likely build a 4680 battery factory in the vicinity of where Giga Texas is now.

If you recall, I wrote about a spreadsheet that estimates when you will get your Cybertruck order. With a new quad motor Cybertruck that will be like a Tesla Model S Plaid, but instead a truck, the Cybertruck will sell millions. Add on it FSD (full self-driving) and you have a giant performing tank that can chauffer people around.

The Model Y from Giga Texas will be the most advanced and fast Model Y vehicle Tesla has ever made. We could see a range around 400 miles and an even faster 0 to 60 mph time. It would be like a Tesla Model Y Plaid.

We could start seeing these variants from Tesla's vehicles for all of them, even the Model 3 and Cybertruck:

* Standard
* Long Range
* Performance
* Plaid

Once Tesla gets Giga Texas and Giga Berlin up and running, the upfront costs for those factories are going to go away, which means Tesla will have more money and profits each quarter.

Elon Musk also agrees Giga Texas has made good progress:

Is Giga Texas about to awaken? How many vehicles will it produce in 2022? What about in following years?

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Image Credit, Reddit Thread, Screenshot