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Blogger Notices The First Fresh Batch of Model Ys at Tesla Giga Texas

Tesla Giga Texas Model Y, image by Jeff Roberts


A fresh new batch of Tesla Model Y electric SUVs are spotted at Gigafactory Texas hinting that Tesla may have already started the production at its newly-constructed gigafactory in Austin.

Last week I reported that Tesla may have already started Giga Texas' production of Model Y. Now, Jeff Roberts, who often flies drones over Gigafactory Texas, shared a picture of a bunch of brand-new Model Y vehicles charging at the factory.

It's true that these are only a few Model Ys, but the sighting hints that at least the trial production of the Model Y SUV has started at Giga Texas. "The latest developments align with WebBush analyst Dan Ives’ estimate earlier this month. On January 9, Ives projected that Tesla Giga Texas would start Model Y production in the next 7-10 days. He also stated that testing was nearly complete, and Tesla was ready to get the green light for Giga Texas," notes Maria Merano at Teslarati.

It's good to see the new Model Y vehicles at Giga Texas. I think Tesla Texas will be a major game changer in the same way China has been.

I think with the 4680 batteries and castings this is the start of the next phase of Tesla.

Image background by Jeff Robots Twitter.

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