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How To See When You Will Get Your Tesla CyberTruck Order

There is a way to see an estimate of when you will get your Tesla CyberTruck order. Let's take a look at how to do this.

The CyberTruck is Tesla's up and coming, futuristic, version of a pickup truck. It's set to begin deliveries sometime in 2022. There are three versions of it: single motor, dual-motor, and tri-motor. The single motor has a 250 mile range and a 0-60 mph of 6.5 seconds, the dual-motor has 300 miles of range and a 0-60 mph of 4.5 seconds, and the tri-motor boasts a 500 mile range and a 0-60 mph of 2.9 seconds. I personally have a tri-motor CyberTruck on order.

Finding Your CyberTruck Reservation

How can you tell when you might receive your CyberTruck order? There's a way to do this. Let's find out how.

There is a website created to gather data about CyberTruck reservations and create an estimate of when you might get your CyberTruck. It's all done in a Google Spreadsheet.

The first thing I noticed is that the first estimated CyberTruck deliveries are estimated to begin in January, 2022, for the Tri-Motor version of the CyberTruck. I found this by doing a Ctrl-F on the Google Sheet tracking page. Looking at this tracking page, you can see the method used to determine when CyberTruck deliveries might happen. There's quite a bit of detail there, but the gist of it is that the reservation numbers are used across all Tesla vehicles and the creators of the tracker try to gauge estimates based on that, Elon Musk's Tweets, and a large number of other calculations.

Looking at my reservation for a Tri-Motor CyberTruck, I can see my estimated delivery is February, 2024. That's just over two years away and so I am saving frantically for a down payment :). I found this by taking my tracking number and removing the RN from the beginning of it, so I had just a number, and doing Ctrl-F to find it on this tracking page.

Not everyone who reserved a CyberTruck has entered their information into the tracker. The creators do their best with the data they have to create the estimate. If you do have one on order and wanted to put yourself in the tracker to see when you might get your CyberTruck, you can use this page to do it.

The creators of the CyberTruck tracker are also trying to do this for other Tesla models. The owner has a Twitter account as well.

What do you think of this Tesla CyberTruck reservation tracker? Do you think they are accurate with their estimates?

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Hey, a very useful article. Much nicer than following social media comments and speculations about this. Thanks!
Haha, yeah, I think this is the best effort I've seen to estimate delivery dates :)
But this IS speculation! Count fire bang times the word estimate is used! And, as the article says, this doesn't even include all the reservations. It also assumes that Tesla will build these trucks in reservation number order, and that has never been the way Tesla fulfills orders. They'll build trimotors first because those are the most profitable. All of it is complete guessing.
I ordered a trimotor and my delivery date from that website is feb 2024 also but there are single and dual motors that are delivered before me. If tesla is going to prioritize trimotors first, then doesn't that push me closer to the front of the line? It seems like it would be more cost effective and profitable to produce all the tri motor orders first before retooling a different production area for dual and single motors.
That was fun. It placed me in January 2023. I doubt it can be very accurate though at predicting how many reservations will be canceled, plus delays due to tweaking features.
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my wife has stock in tesla can I borrow agence that
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Yes nice article and all but that site is BS. First no one knows exactly what order they will deliver the CT and half the others are dups
Maybe I just don't understand, but the delivery for similar models just doesn't seem to correlate. Sam model ordered several day before mine shows estimated delivery over a year sooner.
I meant to say same vehicle ordered several days after mine shows delivery over one year sooner.
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Where do you get the delivery date for your truck? I've looked on my Tesla account and it has very little information. Thank you in advanced!
This is a way to scrape your email and information. It is how you can be duped into giving your email and information
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