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Tesla Sends A Specific Text As a Cybertruck Early Reservation Holder Making an Offer: Why They Sent the Text

I got a very specific text from Tesla today. I have a Cybertruck on reservation, and they sent me a text that said I would get $1,000 off any Tesla purchase as well as free Supercharging for 6 months if I took delivery before the end of the year, 2023.

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Tesla Sends Me a Specific Text

I am apparently an early Cybertruck reservation holder, although I don't think I am because when I looked at how to see when I would get my Cybertruck order, I was many years in waiting.

I got a text from Tesla today that was very specific, and here it is:

Tesla sends text as early Cybertruck reservation holder

The text says:

As an early Cybertruck reservation holder, you're eligible to receive $1,000 toward a new Model S, Model 3, Model X, or Model Y ordered by Dec. 31. Take delivery before the end of the year and you'll also reseive 6 months of free Supercharging on us.

There was a link at the bottom and the link took me to Tesla's existing inventory page.

I took some time to look at the existing inventory and Tesla is offering thousands of dollars off of their inventory, which includes demo vehicles and vehicles they have that were likely from people who cancelled their order.

I found a Model 3 RWD for about $35,000 that is new. I couldn't believe it. That is $10,000 less than what I paid for mine in 2022. In addition to that, there is a $7,500 tax credit for buying before the end of the year. Here are the details.

Tesla Model 3 RWDThat is quite a deal, a base price of $27,500 for a Model 3 RWD - about $17,500 less than what I paid for mine and newer too. But hey, I've never been one very good at timing anything at just the right time, but for someone interested in a Tesla now, the prices are very good.

However, one thing is puzzling to me - where is the promised $1,000 discount on the invoice?

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Why is Tesla Sending These Specific Texts?

This got me thinking, and why would Tesla be sending these specific texts right now? And why is Tesla calling me an early reservation holder for the Cybertruck?

I've thought about this and think a few things. First, I think Tesla is just trying to clear out their inventory before the end of the year. They are offering incentives to people to make this happen.

Secondly, I think they are calling most Cybertruck reservation holders, if not all of them, early reservation holders to try and grab their attention more. It might get you to think you may get a Foundation series Cybertruck.

The Foundation series Cybertruck's have been quite popular lately, with celebrities in the news driving them. The most expensive one costs $120,000 and only 1,000 will ever be made.

I don't expect to be able to configure my Cybertruck order for a number of years, but I could be wrong - I'll be sure to update you here first if I am able to configure it sooner rather than later.

In addition to that, I think Tesla knows that the Cybertruck is producing a halo effect for Tesla the business, and they want to capitalize on this while people are so enthralled with the Cybertruck.

There could be other reasons, and perhaps you might know one - please do share it in the comments!

In the meantime, check back often for breaking Tesla news.

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What do you think about this specific text I received? Is Tesla just trying to clear existing inventory?

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Hi! I'm Jeremy Noel Johnson, and I am a Tesla investor and supporter and own a 2022 Model 3 RWD EV and I don't have range anxiety :). I enjoy bringing you breaking Tesla news as well as anything about Tesla or other EV companies I can find, like Aptera. Other interests of mine are AI, Tesla Energy and the Tesla Bot! You can follow me on X.COM or LinkedIn to stay in touch and follow my Tesla and EV news coverage.

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