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Cybertruck Foundation Series Reservation Holder Reveals Cost Of $120,000: Only 1,000 Will Ever Be Made

We just got news that someone paid $120,000 for their Foundation series Cybertruck. This is $20,000 more than the highest end Cyberbeast. Only 1,000 of these are ever going to be made and they come with some special features.

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Foundation Series Cybertruck

Roberto Aguilar was one of the lucky ones to get a Foundation edition Cybertruck and shares his proof on The vehicle sold for $119,990, which I've rounded up for simplicity to $120,000.

This is $20,000 more than the highest costing Cyberbeast variant of the Cybertruck. All the costs of the Cybertruck variant were revealed just after the Cybertruck delivery event.

When looking over his order for the vehicle, the following was revealed:

* Price after Est. Savings: $116,390
* Vehicle Price: $119,990
* Original Reservation Credit: -$100
* Order Fee: $250
* Your Cybertruck: $122,135
* Due Today: $250

Roberto was an early reservation holder for the Tesla Cybertruck and one of the lucky ones to get one of the first Tesla Cybertruck's ever produced. These could be a collector's item one day.

Tesla also sent him this information about the Foundation series Cybertruck.

Your Limited-Edition Foundation Series Cybertruck is Ready to Order:

As an early reservation holder, you are invited to order your Foundation Series Cybertruck, which is fully optioned and includes limited-edition laser-etched badging, premium accessories, charging equipment with Powershare home backup hardware, all-terrain tires, Full-Self Driving capability and more.

Deliveries have begun in California and Texas, with more states in 2024. Only 1,000 of these special Cybertrucks will be made.

These limited edition Cybertrucks come with a variety of features:

  • Laser engraved badging of "Foundation Series"
  • FSD software
  • Lifetime Premium Connectivity
  • A Universal Wall Connector
  • Powershare - enabling vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to home charging
  • Powershare backup for the home
  • Off-road lightbar

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Tesla Cybertruck - Breaking the Internet

The Tesla Cybertruck is currently breaking the internet with views well in excess of 20 million in just a few days.

The limited edition Foundation series Cybertruck's are most likely the Cyberbeast variant or tri-motor.

The Cybertruck will not ramp to full production until 2025, according to Elon Musk, so prospective customers should stem their expectations about when they will get their Cybertruck order.

Foundation series Cybertruck vehicles have a special emblem of a Cerberus, signifying that they were one of the first 1,000 vehicles produced.

These Cybertruck are only available to the very first and early reservation holders. Most people will not be eligible for one.

Cybertruck foundation series

It has also been reported that these Foundation series Cybertruck vehicles will come with lifetime premium connectivity (normally, $9.99 a month).

We'll have more details on the Cybertruck as more news comes in, in the meantime, stay tuned for more breaking Tesla news.

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What do you think about the price of the Foundation series Cybertruck? Is it worth it to be one of the first 1,000 owners?

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Image Credit, Roberto Aguilar, Screenshot

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