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Tesla Cybertruck Has a "Basecamp" Tent Accessory For $3,000 - It Attaches To The Cybertruck and Inflates In Minutes

In the Tesla shop, you can buy a Tesla "basecamp" accessory for $3,000. It attaches to the Cybertruck and inflates in minutes with a manual pump.

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Tesla Cybertruck Basecamp (Tent)

The Tesla Cybertruck comes with a basecamp accessory. This is a small tent that attaches to the back of the Cybertruck and can be inflated in minutes with a manual pump.

The basecamp accessory is an ultra-light, geodesic air-frame design. It has a tactical gray kaleidoscope-patterned nylon interior that keeps its occupants safe from rain and snow.

Screen windows allow for airflow in and out of the tent, keeping the occupants comfortable. It also comes with an ultra-soft mattress. You can use the truck bed's outlet to keep any devices charged while in the tent.

It also comes with a weather-resistant outer shell with an extendable awning for additional protection.

The basecamp is fully collapsable and a self-contained pack that is mounted above the truck bed, below the tonneau cover.

It also looks like if you have the range extender for the Cybertruck, it may be a tight fit to get the basecamp in its collaspable form to fit where it shows in the pictures. It may need to be mounted closer to the edge of the truck bed.

The basecamp accessory includes:

  • The tent assembly
  • Awning
  • Awning poles
  • An air pump
  • L-track brackets
  • Stakes and repair kit

Tesla also states that the basecamp is not compatible with Cybertruck molle panels and can't be deployed when the Cybertruck vault cargo divider is installed.

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Tesla Accessories Team

Tesla has an accessories team that was announced years ago, and this accessory is one of many that Tesla sells for the Cybertruck. In fact, Tesla sent me a text encouraging me to buy a Tesla vehicle, because I am an "early reservation holder for the Cybertruck" offering $1,000 off. In addition, the U.S. tax credit, that's $8,500 off any Tesla.

Tesla also offers a self-healing film in a white and dark color for $6,500 and a white paint film for $5,000. There's also a spare tire that can be put in the truck bed for $1,250.

Tesla is also catering to children, offering a Cybertruck for kids for $1,500. It's only for kids ages 6-12 and can go up to 10 mph, and it has a 12-mile range.

My Cybertruck order is years away, despite Tesla telling me I am an early reservation holder for the Cybertruck. When I do get it, I'll look into getting the basecamp accessory.

I am not sure if I'll be able to lay down, even diagonally because I am 6'4'', however for most people, they should be able to fit.

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What do you think about this basecamp accessory from Tesla? Is this something you would use?

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Stu (not verified)    December 11, 2023 - 11:47AM

Biggest concern with this design is that it wraps around the rear edges of the truck on either side of the tailgate. Those panels have pretty sharp edges so I’d be concerned about snagging and tearing the tent when putting it up or down. $3k is also crazy for a pop-up truck bed tent. There are a lot on the market for a couple hundred bucks.