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Range Extender for Tesla Cybertruck Price Confirmed To Be $16,000 - It Requires Installation At a Tesla Service Center - Coming Late 2024

The Tesla Cybertruck range extender is confirmed to be $16,000, and it will have to be installed at a Tesla Service Center. It will be available in late 2024.

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Range Extender Confirmed For $16,000

More and more people are getting confirmation to configure their Tesla Cybertrucks, and this could mean that Tesla is moving beyond the initial 1,000 Foundation series Cybertrucks that are being delivered to the likes of Alexis Ohanian, the Cofounder of Reddit.

Spike Lee is even getting in on the action, stating that he ordered his Cybertruck 2 years ago, and he sees it as a spaceship on wheels.

Tesla even went as far as creating a Tesla Cybertruck for kids, just for $1,500 and for kids ages 6 to 12. This smaller version of the Cybertruck can go up to 10 miles per hour and is reported to have around 12 miles of range.

The range extender is something totally new for Tesla, as previous Tesla vehicles did not have any kind of accessory like this. The closest thing I can think of is adding a tow hitch for the Model Y.

Tesla wants the other auto companies to adopt the 48-volt architecture, which is used in the Cybertruck, which is an improvement from the archaic 12-volt system of the last 70 years. Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, received Tesla's document on how to build a 48-volt system for a vehicle and confirmed it via!

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What Are the Specs of the Range Extender

The specs of the range extender are as follows:

  • It's going to cost $16,000 (and add tax)
  • It will require installation at a Tesla service center
  • Production is planned to begin in late 2024, which will mean delivery shortly thereafter
  • It will have priority installation to those who ordered their Cybertruck sooner rather than later
  • It can be reserved for $500

There's even more information about the premium accessories that are coming with the Foundation series Cybertrucks. They are:

  • All-weather interior liners
  • Glass roof sunshade
  • Center console tray
  • Gear locker dividers
  • Vault D-rings
  • L-track hooks
  • L-track bottle opener

Whole Mars Catalog on revealed the specs of the range extender, as it looks like he is able to take an order of a Foundation series Cybertruck with AWD for around $100,000.

The range extender for the Cybertruck is a battery add-on that is the size of a large toolbox that will fit in the back of the bed of the Cybertruck and take up 1/3 of the back of the truck bed.

Some think that the Cybertruck range extender in its current form is a mistake and should have instead been made to go underneath the Cybertruck.

Regardless, it looks like it will be about a year before we get to see how the range extender works in the real world with extra weight, charging, and how much battery degradation happens.

Be sure to check back when we get details on this!

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What do you think about the specs of the range extender for the Cybertruck? Is this something you would get?

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