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Ford CEO, Jim Farley, "We received the document today" From Tesla on 48-Volt Architecture: Elon Musk Responds With, "You're welcome"

Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, confirmed today that he got the document from Tesla on the 48-volt architecture via Elon Musk responded to him, saying, "You're welcome."

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Tesla Guide to a 48-Volt Architecture

Recently, I shared how Tesla sent a free guide on 48-volt architecture to all the other automotive CEOs free of charge, encouraging them to innovate faster and adopt the latest and better technology.

Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, confirmed today that he got the document and was grateful for Tesla, saying that it is "Great for the industry!"

John Hayes of shared my article from a few days ago, saying:

"How many will read it themselves before they forward to the executive most likely to preserve the status quo."

Two days later, Jim Farley from Ford responded, saying that this was "Great for the industry!"

Elon Musk responded shortly after, saying, "You're welcome."

There is a lot of wiring in a modern car, and using a 48-volt architecture reduces that complexity. Hopefully the other auto company CEOs and their engineers will read this guide.

It's also a shame that this has taken roughly 70 years for cars, but it's better to be late than never in something good.

Importance of 48-Volt Architecture

A 48 volt-architecture is an improvement over the last 70 years of a 12-volt architecture for the low voltage system in a car. This enables the steer-by-wire, where the steering wheel doesn't have to be directly connected to the front wheels of the car.

Instead, the commands from the steering wheel are sent through the wiring of the car to the electric motors, which in turn control the wheels of the car. This enables all 4 wheels of the Tesla Cybertruck to turn at once.

This architecture also reduces the complexity of the wiring inside the car and reduces costs while increasing efficiency.

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Importance of Sharing Technology

In order for EVs to be widespread, other car companies are going to have to move faster in making them. Tesla can't make the hundreds of millions of EVs to transition the world to sustainable energy, so they are trying to get everyone else going faster.

It's good to see Ford being positive and grateful in the EV revolution. Richard White, on, had this to say about the conversation between Jim Farley and Elon Musk:

"This interaction makes me feel good about humanity, compared to the onslaught of negativity and tribalism in the world. I applaud your humbleness and openness to embrace the future. Take the opportunity to ride the wave with Tesla instead of fight the current as others do."

Hopefully, the next generation of the F150 EV will use the 48-volt architecture.

The future of Ford and Tesla is a little brighter tonight as I read this conversation.

I have reached out to both Jim Farley and Elon Musk to see if I can get a copy of this 48-volt architecture guide, so I can share the details online for all to see.

For more on the 48-volt guide, see: Tesla sends its competitors free guide on 48-volt architecture as it flexes technology muscles

What do you think about this conversation between Elon Musk and Jim Farley? Is sharing the 48-volt architecture going to accelerate the world to sustainable energy?

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