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Tesla Cybertruck 4-Wheel Steering-By-Wire Compared To Wiggling Cat In Purrfect Comparison

The Tesla Cybertruck has dynamic 4-wheel steering-by-wire, and this was recently compared to a wiggling cat. The comparison is actually very accurate.

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Tesla Cybertruck 4-Wheel Steering

The Tesla Cybertruck was compared to a wiggling cat recently and is best known for being a unique vehicle that took a big risk to be different from any other pickup truck on the market - whether it be EV or gas. The first is its unique shape and stainless steel exoskeleton. This makes it the perfect police car because of its durability and resistance to bullets.

There was definitely some controversy, however, after the Cybertruck delivery event. The price and range disappointed many people, as the range came in lower and the price came in higher than expected.

Still, all is not lost, because Tesla is offering a range extender add-on that will fit in the truck of the bed, that will boost the range to around 470 miles for the dual-motor and 440 for the Cyberbeast (tri-motor).

Tesla is delivering the first 1,000 "foundation series" Cybertrucks, and they will include a 3-headed cerberus-like icon, to customers. After that, the unique emblem will be gone.

The bulletproof stainless steel exoskeleton was seen being tested in a CGI video made to show Tesla Bots doing firing against the car to test it. Elon Musk later said that this would be a possibility in 2024.

With all these happenings, the Tesla Cybertruck is certainly breaking the Internet. There are videos being made about the Cybertruck and in a matter of days, they have 10 million views.

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Comparing Steer-By-Wire To Wiggling Cat

As for the wiggling cat comparison, I saw an animated GIF of a cat wiggling back and forth next to the Cybertruck moving its wheels for its steer-by-wire system and I realized something.

This comparison is actually very accurate. The reason it is accurate is that the Cybertruck wheels move in opposite directions. If the back wheels rotate to the right, the front will rotate to the left.

This happens at slow speeds where turning sharply is very important. At high speeds, the wheels won't rotate that much in order to not cause too sharp a turn at a high speed, which could result in an accident.

The wiggling cat, which is a well known GIF, features a black and white cat wiggling back and forth, along with Shaquille O'Neal. The wiggling cat moves just like the Cybertruck wheels. When the back of the cat moves one way, the front moves the other way.

This comparison certainly shows that the Tesla Cybertruck is one agile and cat-like vehicle with its ability to move its wheel so abruptly when at low speeds. It has a lower turning radius than any other truck on the market. The Cybertruck beats all other trucks in drag races as well.

The 48-volt architecture was a risk worth taking for Tesla, and that's how the 4-wheel steering works. There is no connection between the steering wheel and the front tires. The 48-volt wiring connects everything electronically.

I've long been a cat lover and had many as pets over the years. They are majestic and agile creatures, and the Tesla Cybertruck is a majestic and agile beast.

My favorite Cybertruck wrap is the black matte, by the way, because it makes it look like the Batmobile. Do you have a favorite wrap for the Cybertruck? Tesla recently released two factory option wraps, matte black and satin white.

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Is the comparison of the Cybertruck 4-wheel steering to a wiggling cat accurate? Will you be getting a Tesla Cybertruck at some point?

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Image Credit, Bradford Ferguson, Screenshot

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