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Tesla App New Updates Give Away More Details About the Cybertruck: "Beast Mode", Wheels, Tesla Accessories, and a Tent

The Tesla app is revealing some new updates for the Cybertruck and in it are seen a variety of things including "Beast Mode", information about the wheels, along with Tesla accessories, and a tent.

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Tesla Cybertruck Details Revealed Through Tesla App Update

The Tesla Cybertruck delivery event is coming soon, and Tesla is doing its best to keep things quiet before then. However, someone has uncovered some new Cybertruck details from the Tesla app that I'm not sure Tesla wanted to reveal just yet.

The first thing I saw was that there are standard 18-inch wheels with what look like normal tires for every season. In addition to that, there are 20-inch rims with all-terrain tires. The app also previews the "Beast Mode" acceleration animation and key card placement in order to kick it off. This is similar to the Model S and Model X Plaid launch mode.

My guess is that only the highest end version of the Cybertruck, which Elon Musk calls "Beast Mode" will have this option available, and it should do 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds.

There is also a preview of one of the first in-house Tesla accessories, which is a tent called BaseCamp. This is a leak from the Tesla App for iOS. This appears to be an offering from the secret Tesla accessories team for those who want a tent add-on for their Cybertruck.

Cybertruck tent add-on

For tires and rims, there will be 3 packages. The Cybertruck Premium will come with all-terrain tires. The base all-season tires should be quieter and have longer range, while providing greater comfort and cheaper replacement costs.

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More Reveals of the Cybertruck From Tesla App

You can also see an in-app vehicle image of the Cybertruck graphic. This is part of a number of UI changes that are available just for the Cybertruck. You should be able to use this image to open the tailgate and tonneau cover.

Tesla Cybertruck graphic image

The most exciting part of all of this for me is the accessories. I've been hoping for years now that there would be accessories. In the available accessories, there is a tent, but I'm also hoping there is an option for solar panels as well.

For me personally, when I get a Cybertruck, I will be using it as an everyday vehicle and will get the tires that give the longest range and most comfort for the best price. It won't matter to me the performance, but for some people, if you like speed and off-roading, it will.

I think the single motor variant will be scrapped for a while - maybe forever, depending on the demand for the dual and tri motor variants.

There have been a few leaks of the Cybertruck that I'm sure Tesla wish wouldn't have happened, but it's hard to keep something this ground breaking a secret.

I'll be sure to give more updates as I uncover more details on the Cybertruck - in the meantime, stay tuned for more breaking Tesla news and coverage.

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What do you think about these revealed Cybertruck details from the Tesla app? Will there be more accessories than a tent?

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Image Credit, Tesla, Screenshot

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