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Strange Comment Made From PepsiCo VP About Tesla Semi Range

There is an article that has some strange comments from a PepsiCo VP about the Tesla semi range. What is this strange comment?


PepsiCo and Tesla Semi - Strange Comment

PepsiCo plans to roll out 100 heavy duty Tesla Semi trucks in 2023 in order to make deliveries to its customers. Reuters published an interesting article about PepsiCo and its plans and a VP of PepsioCo, Mike O'Connell, making a strange comment. Why was this comment made?

This is the first time that PepsiCo has talked about how they are going to use and integrate the Tesla Semi. The Reuters article is based on an interview with PepsiCo VP, Mike O'Connell. Mike confirmed that PepsioCo is deploying 36 Tesla semis right now.

The company expects to take delivery of the total 100 by the end of 2023. What was strange about Mike's comment is that he said the Tesla Semi can take PepsiCo products about 425 miles. It can also take the Frito Lay products - sodas - about 100 miles.

Mike also said that the Tesla Semi still have 20% of its charge after driving 425 miles. Why is the company doing 100 mile trips just with the sodas?

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Tesla Semi Deliveries and Reason for Strange Comment

Tesla hasn't released the weight of its semi truck and we don't know the actual load capacity of the semi. We know that it can travel 500 miles at full capacity under a variety of elevation and conditions. If the Tesla semi is carrying a lighter load, why would it go less than the 500 miles?

The Tesla semi has an estimated weight of about 27,000 pounds, which is higher than most diesel trucks. Based on the information from Tesla, the truck can still go 500 miles with 82,000 total pounds, regardless of the actual load capacity.

Its strange that PepsiCo is limiting the trips with sodas to 100 miles. There was an interesting comment by a former Pepsi worker. Pepsi likely has many more bottle production facilities in California and there will likely be only 100 miles made between its trips for that product.

This appears to be the answer of why PepsiCo will use the Tesla Semi for its soda products for just 100 miles trips. It's because there are multiple PepsiCo facilities within 100 miles of each other than the truck can stop at.

What other companies will get the Tesla semi? Will the Tesla semi get increased range in the future?

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