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Elon Musk Reveals a Secret In Plain Sight on X Space Yesterday: How He Views Humanity and His Own Life

Elon Musk shares some things on a space on X yesterday, and it reveals a secret about how he thinks about humanity and his own life.

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Elon Musk on Space on X Platform Yesterday

Elon Musk and several other prominent people were on a space on X yesterday that had over 100,000 listeners. For a Sunday afternoon, that is pretty impressive. I'm going to focus on just what Elon Musk said among the participants there.

Elon Musk shared many different things with the other participants that reveal how he thinks. Here are some of them paraphrased:

Humanity can sustain far more people than what is currently on earth. You could have 10 times the number of people and be OK because of the sparse areas. It's only cities like New York and Boston that make the earth seem crowded.

You could drop a volleyball from a plane flight across the U.S. from New York to L.A. and there's basically a 0% chance you hit someone.

People should have more kids because that's how you grow civilization.

You are either growing or not - expanding or contracting. There is no steady state.

Elon Musk is pro-human and believes we should be striving to be among the stars and building a space-faring civilization, starting with a colony on Mars.

There were many more things said among the participants. Let's go over what the secret was that Elon Musk revealed in plain sight.

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Elon Musk Shares Secret in Plain Sight

The secret that Elon Musk shared in plain sight is as follows and for this one, I'm not going to paraphrase. I am going to quote directly.

Elon Musk was asked about creating a "Plan B" for humanity - an alternate plan, and Elon Musk replied with.

"I think we should expand humanity. We should basically have more kids. Population should increase. We should become a multi-planet species and make life multi-planetary and build a self-sustaining civilization on Mars. And then ultimately, this will be long after I am dead... probably... almost certainly, we can go to other star systems, and maybe we will find some long dead alien civilizations and I don't think we want to be one of those lame one planet civilizations that never got beyond its own planet. What are the aliens going to think of that? We've got to make a good showing. Team Human."

There's a lot to unpack in this statement, but it shows that Elon Musk believes in expansion, not contraction, and you can't be stationary - you are growing or dying.

Elon also believes in having children and the family unit - at least that's how I interpret his statement about having more kids. Elon Musk believes in the role of a father in life. He believes in expanding to the stars because that is expansion and not contraction. He is pro-human.

However, this part of what he said is the most interesting to me:

"And then ultimately, this will be long after I am dead... probably... almost certainly, we can go to other star systems"

Elon started by saying this will be long after he is dead, but then he quickly changed his thought process, saying "probably" and then "almost certainly."

He didn't just say long after he is dead and stop there. His mind wrestled a little bit with that statement, and I think the reason this happened is that Elon Musk believes there is a possibility that he will live a very long time.

Why he believes this could be for a number of reasons. He might see technological advancements that improve human life over time and increase the life span of a human, or he might think that the technology to go among the stars is coming sooner rather than later.

Regardless, the secret shared in plain sight is this: Elon Musk believes there is a chance he will be alive on earth when humans are traveling among the stars. He might not think it's a huge chance he will see this, but he sees the chance as greater than 0%. I also think he sees his companies: Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink as avenues to make this happen.

Given how he thought Tesla had less than a 10% chance to succeed, this is interesting to hear him say. Elon Musk is a very determined human and whatever he is thinking here, will be interesting to see play out in how he evolves Tesla and SpaceX.

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What do you think about what Elon Musk said on the X space yesterday? Does Elon Musk believe he will be alive long enough to see humanity reach the stars?

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