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Elon Musk: About Two Weeks Until Customers Can Use FSD V12

Elon Musk just announced on using his famous "two weeks" phrase that customers will be able to start testing FSD version 12 in two weeks. Is this a reality, or will it be much longer?


FSD Version 12 - In Two Weeks

Elon Musk was asked directly on his account when FSD 12 would be ready for customers to use. I don't think Omar was really expecting a response, but he got one.

Elon Musk said, "About 2 weeks" and didn't even bother to use a period to end his sentence, which made me laugh.

Several of the prominent Tesla enthusiasts on began to cheer enthusiastically and one account, Tesla Owners Silicon Valley said, "Like 3 or 4 months?" That also made me laugh.

The reason two weeks is interesting is that Elon says it a lot. Sometimes it actually happens in two weeks when he says it and other times, well, it takes a lot longer!

Someone even said that even though he said 2 weeks, it could be earlier than this. I don't think this will be the case, but what a surprise it would be if it was!

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What Makes FSD 12 So Great?

FSD version 12 is a very important milestone for Tesla's full self-driving software. The reason this is so is that this version will use what Elon Musk said, "Nothing but Nets"

All current versions of FSD and Autopilot have human code that has conditional logic in it, which means there can be human error and training the system is harder.

The reason training the system is harder is that you have human made code in the system. With FSD 12, it's all machine learning, and you can simply feed more and more videos for the system to learn.

Elon Musk has described FSD 12 in a way that was very interesting. On the Lex Fridman Podcast, he was talking about FSD, and he said that FSD learned to read stop signs and other road markings without ever learning to read the English language. Elon Musk also talked about an upcoming electricity shortage that will happen in about two years on this same podcast.

The software simply learned what to do just like a human would and to recognize signs and symbols and to know what to do from other drivers who have succeeded before. This is just how a human learns.

Will FSD version 12 mean that FSD is ready for regulatory approval and can be used without paying attention? I don't think so. The system needs way more cars on the road and many more videos fed to it. But I do believe that progress will speed up with this. I still expect the first robotaxis to happen next year, even if they are just in the Las Vegas Boring Tunnel Loop.

As a Tesla investor and supporter with years of experience following Elon Musk, here are 7 commonly searched questions people may ask related to this topic, along with my direct answers:

Q: When will FSD V12 be available to customers?

A: Elon Musk has said that FSD V12 will be available to customers in about two weeks, but it's important to note that he has a history of making optimistic estimates. I would expect FSD V12 to be available to customers sometime in the next few months.

Q: What are the key features of FSD V12?

A: FSD V12 is a major update to Tesla's self-driving software that uses machine learning instead of human-written code. This means that FSD V12 should be able to learn and improve over time without the need for Tesla to release new software updates.

Q: Will FSD V12 be ready for regulatory approval?

A: It's too early to say for sure whether FSD V12 will be ready for regulatory approval. However, the fact that FSD V12 uses machine learning instead of human-written code is a positive sign, as regulators are more likely to approve self-driving systems that are less reliant on human input.

Q: How much will FSD V12 cost?

A: Tesla has not yet announced the price of FSD V12. However, it is likely to be more expensive than the current version of FSD, which costs $15,000.

Q: Is FSD V12 safe?

A: Tesla has said that FSD V12 is the safest version of FSD yet. However, it is important to note that FSD is still under development and should not be used without paying attention.

Q: What are the benefits of using FSD V12?

A: FSD V12 has the potential to make driving safer and more convenient. For example, FSD V12 could be used to summon your car from a parking lot or to drive you to your destination without any input from you.

Q: What are the drawbacks of using FSD V12?

A: The main drawback of using FSD V12 is that it is still under development and may not be perfect. Additionally, FSD V12 is likely to be more expensive than the current version of FSD.

I hope this answers your questions. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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What do you think about what Elon Musk said here? Is it really going to be two weeks from today that customers can use FSD 12?

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