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Cybertruck Will Succeed Where the DeLorean Did Not: Both Vehicles Are Iconic

The Cybertruck and DeLorean are two iconic cars and each of them were big risks to take in how unique they are. The Cybertruck will succeed where the DeLorean did not.


Cybertruck and DeLorean - Two Iconic Cars

The Cybertruck and DeLorean are two unique and iconic vehicles. Here's what makes them so unique and special and why the Cybertruck will succeed in mass production and build quality where the DeLorean did not.

The DeLorean is the first car that I know of that had falcon wings open up in order to get in. It was also a two-seater - meaning there was no back seat for passengers, just how the Aptera launch edition is with its front row and 1,000 miles of range with solar panels.

The first production car for the DeLorean was completed on January 21, 1981. It's so very unfortunate that this car was never mass-produced and only about 9,00 units were ever produced.

The DeLorean was never meant to be a reliable car like a Honda Civic or Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. It was meant to be iconic and unique, and it achieved that with resounding success.

The Cybertruck is also unique and has the opportunity to succeed where the DeLorean did not. The Cybertruck can be mass-produced, have great build quality, and still be unique.

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What Makes These Two Vehicles So Special

These two vehicles are special because they are created and taken with risk taking in mind. These vehicles break the normal pattern of how vehicles are made.

The DeLorean made a name for itself in the movie from the 1980s, Back to the Future. It had a famous 88 mph speed in order to travel back in time.

DeLorean - Back to the Future

It will be interesting to see what happens with the Cybertruck in both movie production and events that happen around the world. I wouldn't be surprised to see Taylor Swift or some celebrity or musician use it in their events to create additional interest and attraction.

The Cybertruck recently had some reveals done inside of it and with the center screen that show a very cool looking interface.

It's definitely a very cool and unique vehicle. One thing I like about it is being able to wrap it in black and make it like the Batmobile.

I believe the Cybertruck will succeed in mass quantity and build quality where the DeLorean did not. The reason for this is Tesla's track record for reaching volume production in its vehicles. Even though the Cybertruck is much more complex, I believe Tesla will get there with the Cybertruck.

Both vehicles, however, will always be iconic and forever etched in history as unique styles that took big risks to break the norm.

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What do you think about the Cybertruck and the DeLorean? Are these two iconic cars?

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