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Black Matte New Tesla Roadster Looks Powerful, Sleek, and Majestic

Tesla needs to get the new Tesla Roadster released. When I saw this black matte Tesla Roadster today on, I was mesmerized.


The Black Matte New Tesla Roadster

I am totally floored by this picture of the new Tesla Roadster in black matte. I am truly stunned when I look at it. Words that come to mind are powerful, majestic, eye-catching, stealthy, futuristic, iconic, and anything else that represents a marvelous wonder of technology.

I thought the Cybertruck in black matte was the Batmobile, but I am changing my mind after seeing this new Tesla Roadster. It looks absolutely incredible.

Tesla has made reservations for this car available and even done this in multiple countries, but the company has been very quiet about it as of late.

Perhaps someone should ask Elon Musk on when Tesla plans to release the new Tesla Roadster, and we'll see if he responds with "two weeks". That was his response earlier today when asked when customers would be able to use FSD version 12.

The New Tesla Roadster is a marvel of technology - and I believe it will be even more of a marvel than the Cybertruck, which has been getting a ton of attention and enthusiasm lately.

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Why Tesla Needs To Release This Car

Tesla needs to release this car - but they don't need to do it right now. The Cybertruck is doing a great job adding free advertising and a "halo" effect to Tesla as a company.

Once the Cybertruck hype dies down over the next year or so, the new Tesla Roadster being released will cause the same responses that the Cybertruck is doing and people will want to see it - especially if a black matte Tesla Roadster drives around like this one.

Here are the specs of the new Tesla Roadster:

  • Range: 620 miles
  • Reservation Price: $50,000
  • Total Price: $250,000 (more with the SpaceX rocket)
  • Speed: 250 miles per hour (or more)
  • 0-60 mph: 1.9 seconds
  • Seats: 4 people
  • Drive: All-Wheel Drive
  • Wheel Torque: 10,000 Nm

This is a very fast and aero-dynamic car. If you listened to the Joe Rogan podcast from a few years ago, Joe asked Elon about the Tesla Roadster coming up, and Elon said it would have an option for a SpaceX rocket.

This option would remove the back seat and put the rocket in the back where the seats would have been. This will allow a 0-60 mph time of probably around 1.2 seconds, and Elon said that the car would even hover a couple feet off of the ground.

Elon Musk was asked about when it would release a few years ago, and said that the Cybertruck, Model Y ramp, and other things would come first and that the new Roadster would be dessert. He said it will have a Plaid power train and will have a very advanced battery.

I'm really looking forward to this releasing. I think we'll start to get more news about it once the Cybertruck has ramped.

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What do you think about this black matte New Tesla Roadster? Would you get one if you can afford it?

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