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Aptera's 1,000 Mile EV Shows Off Launch Edition - How Fast Will It Charge?

Aptera has a 1,000 mile EV and they just released a video showing the launch edition of their product. This is one of the versions a customer can pre-order.


Aptera Launch Edition Features

Aptera is an up-and-coming company in the EV space and what makes it special are two things: the vehicle will have three wheels, resulting in less friction and wear and tear, and the second is that there is a 1,000-mile range version for about $45,000.

Nobody is making a vehicle quite like this, and Aptera just released a video showing their launch edition EV, which will be what is shipped to customers. I am interested in getting an Aptera vehicle, however, I want to wait and see how the first deliveries to customers go and see if the company can be profitable.

The launch edition features:

* A 400-mile range
* Parking sensors
* Luna film wrap around the vehicle
* Ultra-strong and lightweight body in carbon - BinC
* Aluminum belly pan
* All-wheel drive
* NACS port charging with a 40-60 kW onboard charger

The charging is as follows:

* Level 3: 400 miles per hour
* Level 2: 57 miles per hour
* Level 1: 13 miles per hour

There are 32 cubic feet of cargo space. The cargo area is 70 inches from front to back, 47 inches from left to right, and 22 feet high. That is a lot of cargo space!

The Aptera only has a front and passenger seat and will be very good for people who don't need a lot of passengers. Often, I am traveling alone or with one other person, and this vehicle will be perfect for me.

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What Else Does Aptera Have and When Will Aptera Release?

There are cargo tie downs, and a subwoofer, along with accessory hooks in the vehicle. The driving area is spacious and has an enclosed storage area. There is a main vent, and dual-air bags. There is a hazard switch and rear vision display along with sun visors.

On the vehicle, Aptera says there is about 700 watts of solar-powered cells. That can give you up to 40 miles per day of range.

One thing Aptera did recently that was very customer oriented was switch to DC fast charging. Customers complained and Aptera listened.

If you purchase more options, like all-wheel-drive, for the Aptera, you get a base price around $51,200. It is worth noting that Aptera says on their website that this price is subject to change. Hopefully the price goes down and not up.

What do you think of Aptera's launch edition vehicle? Will you bet getting one?

For more information, see this video from Aptera:

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