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Cruising the German Autobahn in a Tesla Model S Plaid at 170 Miles Per Hour

What is it like to drive on the no speed limit, German Autobahn in a Tesla Model S Plaid, one of the world's fastest vehicles? Here is someone who did it.


The Tesla Model S Plaid on the Autobahn

What is it like to take a Tesla Model S Plaid on the German Autobahn with no speed limit? It's like rapidly accelerating to 210 km per hour and feeling pressure behind your ears with a very intense G-Force. The car is beyond ludicrous, according to Autogefuhl.

The suspension is comfortable, at the same time, there is a sporty feel, and the car effortlessly accelerates to over 200 km per hour. This is about 125 miles per hour and more and the Model S Plaid does this with no problem at all.

The car has a yoke steering wheel and accelerates extremely quickly. There is an active noise cancellation and it is nice and quiet inside the vehicle. As the car accelerates, cars that are seen behind it quickly disappear. There isn't any acoustic feedback for the acceleration like a gas motor. It's simply a quiet, electrical sound, as if someone directs you forward. It's hard to cope with it.

Even when the car is going 80 miles per hour, it can still greatly accelerate quickly to 130 miles per hour in a matter of a second. Anyone who likes acceleration will like driving the Model S Plaid on the Autobahn.

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More About the Tesla Model S Plaid Going 170 Miles Per Hour

The Tesla Model S Plaid is feature rich, just like all other Tesla vehicles. This owner likes the suspension and feels like the ride is comfortable, but also like a Formula 1 race car. You have to do a reality check and make sure you are in a position to accelerate when you choose to go fast because the car is so powerful.

The car is a lot of fun an due to the low center of gravity due to the battery, handles well and without effort. The car can accelerate while steering. He dropped the speed to 75 km per hour and quickly got to 267 km per hour. The car did this without trouble.

"I'm not sure if this should be legal" was what he said while crusing 170 miles per hour. He wasn't sure if it should be legal to go that fast. It messes with your brain how fast the car can go without making any noise. Because it is an electrical motor, you won't hear the sound of a gas engine that revs up in order to go fast.

Anyone who buys at Tesla Model S Plaid, be very careful with it because it can go very fast very quickly. It is extremely dangerous to go fast without paying attention to your environment.

For more information, see this video from Autogefuhl:

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Image Credit: Autogefuhl - Screenshot